Hillary Isn’t Left Enough For The Far Left

By: Ken Hughes

Hillary Clinton seems to be having a problem defining her metaphors. In her preparied speeches she’s very articulate each syllable is crafted to place Hillary in the best possible light. When questioned one on one she isn’t so confident, she has a tendency to get lost in her explanations. Hillary seemed not only to allow the other Democratic candidates in the recent debate to trample on her words, it appeared at times she was encouraging them.

Squeaky clean Hillary as it’s turning out may not to be as clean as her propaganda machine is presenting her. It seems Hillary has more Chinese connections than Wal Mart. It supposedly began with Norman Hsu raising campaign funds for Hillary and other Democrats in the millions of dollars and has moved on to a group of illegal Chinese immigrants living in New York donating millions of dollars to Democrats and Hillary specifically.

Before this campaign is over Hillary will have a lot of explaining to do. It won’t be the Republicans who attack her it will be the far left. Hillary like Bill in the final hours has always been a pragmatist, this time she may have overestimated her popularity. Things are not going well for Hilary, this time she must blame the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy for her problems. Prominent Republicans such as President Bush, his father and Newt Gringrich among other who championed and endorsed her as the Democratic candidate to beat are backing off. When someone loses their enemy as a friend you can bet they’re in trouble with their friends.

Hillary has one year to prove she has what it takes to lead the free world, and hold in check others in the world who disagree with mans inherent right to enjoy the freedoms God intended them to have. Hillary’s been all around the mulberry bush trying to satisfy all the various contingencies she’s addressed.
As an example she has dodged the issue of driving licenses for illegal immigrants in New York State by being for then and against them at the same time. This is not because she hasn’t made up her mind, it’s because in her home state of Illinois anyone can get a drivers licenses that can pass the tests. Incidentally the Illinois driver’s manuals and tests are written and given in English, Spanish, Polish, Serbian and Greek, [that I know of.] Your dog could get a drivers licenses in Illinois, [Hillary’s real home state] if they can reach the brake and see over the steering wheel.

Hillary’s trying very hard to establish herself as [Illinois Favorite Son] candidate. Mike Huckabee has a lock on Arkansas favorite son, Rudy Giuliani is of course New York’s favorite son so where does that leave Hillary, she may be a ship without a port to call her own.

Hillary has a habit of saying what her audience wants to hear even when some of her speeches may conflict. Hillary doesn’t have the skills necessary to manipulate the public her husband Bill has. Hillary is a cold fish in hot water and once her opponents learn all her weak points she will by necessity need to do more than rely on her public relations handlers and a once friendly media for support. She will be compelled to come clean on the issues. The media are carnivores, they eat their own.

Now Hillary is suffering from the Nancy Pelosi syndrome, Nancy took over leadership of the house saying she would clean it up. So far Ms. Pelosi is getting her clock cleaned. Hillary, thinking her position as the front running Democratic candidate will be enough to bring the party in line isn’t going to be enough.

There are a number of states other than Iowa that aren’t blinded by Hillary’s prefabricated persona, they may just question some of her recent changes on her stand on many of the critical issues. Thus far Hillary has been running against George Bush who isn’t running. That may have cost her too much political capital among the moderate Democrats, they’re less vocal but they represent more of the population than the far left and Hillary is ignoring them.

Frankly I’m worried Hillary may lose the presidential nomination as the Democratic candidate. When I look at the rest of the Democratic candidates it makes me wonder where they get these people from. There should at least be some sort of a contest in a presidential campaign that’s going to cost a billion dollars or more. If Republicans walk off with the presidency they will have learned nothing.

This is a unique presidential election, the firsts are overwhelming. The first woman Clinton, the first mulatto Obama, the first ordained Christian minister Huckabee, the second Mormon Romney, the second candidate since the early 18 hundreds not born in one of the 50 states McCain just to mention a few of the unusual firsts, none of which are disqualifications for the presidency. I think what it means is there’s more to choose from than just Democrat or Republican. There are other factors more closely related to the welfare of the nation than just party politics.

This may be the first election in modern times when candidates and issues make the difference rather than political parties. Now if it carriers over to congress what a blessing it will be.

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