What’s Wrong With America?

By: Carolyn Hileman

Maybe it is the noise of the children playing at the park down the street, maybe it is the incessant sound of the flag flapping in the wind but something about our country upsets liberals to the point they would weaken our defenses just so as to hurry our destruction. Maybe they don’t like the sound of the trucks driving across this nation to bring food and clothes to our citizens. Perhaps it is the loud singing on Sunday morning when people all across this country are singing and praising God for our life and our country. Maybe it is the little girl holding the flag all covered in chocolate because the ice cream melted to fast or the little boy making shooting sounds as he plays soldiers, what ever it is they don’t like it.

They spend their time telling us to tone it down stop being so, so, so American like it is some type of dirty word. They tell us that our being American is turning all the people in all the other countries against us, but cannot explain why it is that at least a million people a year from those other countries that don’t like us come here to live. They refuse to wear a flag on their lapel so as not to show favoritism to any one country and spend most of their time telling us to stop wrapping ourselves in the flag. They deplored the fact that the American people called and emailed to stop amnesty and rather than see it as a good thing that the American people were taking part in the process, they found it nauseating, infuriating and down right rude of the American people to call them and tell them what to do and immediately set out to figure out how to shut us up…

Maybe it is our Anthem, maybe it is just not good enough for them, maybe it is the pledge, and maybe it is the undying loyalty to our service men and women? Maybe it is because we will not sit down, shut up, and let them do their thing? Maybe it is the teenagers at the mall who even though they dress a little odd even for my taste spend their money in those stores and keep our economy booming. Maybe it is because we are to cocky, to full of ourselves, maybe it is because when we were hit on 9/11 we didn’t just accept that people hate us and bow our heads in shame and instead flew our flags in open defiance to those people who would do us harm. Try as I may I cannot for the life of me figure out what’s so wrong with America that these people would be ashamed to be an American and want us to be more like those other countries.

I personally do not know of any reason not to want to be an American, we are the most blessed people in the world and we share that blessing with other countries less fortunate than ours. We have responded to every major catastrophe in the world and given to the Red Cross an Salvation Army to aid those who lost their homes and families. By their standards we are greedy and we never give enough, although in every major disaster the American people have given so much that many times they have asked us to hold up on giving because they were simply getting too much. I am sure some liberal could set me straight and I am sure they will try but till then I would have to say that the liberals are what’s wrong with America.

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
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