God Help the Children

By: Carolyn Hileman

He was four years old the first time. He came to me while they were living under my roof with the top of his head just below the bangs bruised and said Mommy hit me with the brush. They had been to the store and I asked my sister about this and she told me he hit his head on the counter at the store. I went to the store the next day and asked them about it and they said no that the boy was crying and his Mother told him to shut up or he would pay for embarrassing her. I called CPS who came out and talked to him with his mother in the room and then told me that if I filed another false accusation they would bring me up on charges… That began a long journey that I have tried to forget simply because after fighting it for ten years and knowing that they would never do anything for this child I had to walk away or kidnap the child. At the time I opted to walk away because I had three children of my own one an infant.

Nothing says useless like trying to save a child from abusive parents, My sister and her husband raised this young boy in a car, it was not because they had no choice because they were offered choice after choice and preferred to live off of people. You just might see them one day on the side of the road with their cardboard sign that says will work for food. The only problem is they were offered a home and a job. They took the home never reported for work and left a couple of days later for them it is easier to steal or beg and they took their young son with them everywhere. Their first child was taken from them and given to his mother but poor PJ just was not a lucky one, instead of having his own room this little boy slept in the back seat of a car and ate his breakfast lunch and supper straight from the can. He was left alone at the mall here in town and when we contacted CPS they told them if they left town there would be nothing they could do.

At one point little PJ had stomach surgery for a bowel obstruction, a few days after they were at my Dads house visiting and of course as little boys often are he was into everything, running up to Mommy to show her what ever he had found, but you don’t interrupt Mommy when she is telling yet another of her lies and he did, she promptly kicked him in the stomach, I checked him to see if he was OK then went to a neighbors house to call CPS so as not to tip them off, I was asked if there was anyone else in the house who could back up that claim other than me and my Dad? Why I don’t know maybe because we had been trying to get them to take the boy away for so long, but they said if there was not another witness there was nothing they could do. That was the last time I saw PJ, I have heard that his Mom and Dad were in town but my family has been given strict instructions to never tell them were I live.

I have three kids of my own now and I will not allow her or her husband anywhere near them, I still have nightmares from time to time about her finding us and trying to hurt one of my kids and me having to kill her in front of them but they are starting to subside. Now I want to tell you about another sister of mine she had two kids and an abusive husband she moved the kids out of there into my parents house, CPS was close behind, she didn’t have a proper home for them, she worked two jobs and I a teenager watched her kids for her daily because she really did not have anyone else. Her kids were clothed properly, they lived in houses and ate properly, but because she was not what they thought she should be they would threaten to take her kids regularly. Her kids were in school every time the school bell rang, PJ on the other hand no one is sure if he ever went to school. I am writing this because I want people to know just exactly what CPS is good for and if you ask me not a damn thing. I would not want to say that I hate these people but it is getting close, they are there to draw a paycheck it is that simple.

Our tax dollars go to pay these people; I say it is high time that they were held accountable for their non action. If they worked for me I would have fired them long ago. The last time I tried to save little PJ, she had left him with someone she had met and took off with her husband, he was always threatening to leave and she would always beg him to stay even jumping on the hood off his car while he was driving, so I must assume it was another one of those episodes. I called the sheriffs office and asked them what I could do since this was a clear case of abandonment since she had been gone for over a week, I was told that I could go down there and kidnap the child take pictures of any bruises he had and maybe just maybe those pictures would keep me out of prison if they filed kidnapping charges on me. God help the children.

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