A Laymen’s View of George Bush’s Accomplishments

By: Ken Hughes

Let’s give credit where credit is due and lay blame where blame is due. Terrorist’s attacks on American interests began in earnest with the taking of the American Embassy hostages by the New Iranian Government during the Carter years. With each new American administration the terrorists ratcheted up their attacks testing the water. George Bush realized after 9/11 compromise and negations with Al Qaeda wasn’t going to be possible. Instead he chose to stop the terrorists before they had the opportunity to attack us again at home.

The American military under the leadership of George Bush as Commander in Chief has conducted a war with the least civilian casualties and property damage of any war in our history. The American military has actually built more than they’ve blown up in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nearly 60 million people in these two countries are freer today than they have ever been in their history. They’re openly free to disagree with both their government officials and their occupiers, this is a first in that part of the world.

When natural disasters occur America is always the first respond, when political disasters occur we are sometimes reluctant to respond even when the casualty count may be the same.

Because of the Bush administrations efforts Osama bin Laden is virtually under what amounts to house arrest, Saddam Hussein is gone. The war on terror is the new 100 years war. The next president whom ever it may be isn’t going to change this fact. I personally prefer the Bush approach to controlling terrorism to the alternative. We’ve seen what the British have gone through in Northern Ireland and the Israeli’s in Palestine. Who would wish that come to the streets of America because we were lax in fighting terrorism when and where we had the opportunity.

Everyone should know congress is responsible for passing legislation that regulates such things as immigration energy policy and lending. Congress believes the solution to every problem is an additional tax. When we elected George Bush we thought he knew less tax and less government spending was the key to economic prosperity. He was able to reduce taxes but not spending was that his fault or the fault of congress, we may never know.

George Bush has been given a bad reputation as was Lincoln, Truman, Nixon, and Reagan, time heals all wounds and wounds all heal.

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