China Bans Bibles from Olympics?

By: Sher Zieve

In another move that both infuriates and attempts to suppress Christianity, China is reported to have officially banned Bibles—for athletes—from the 2008 Olympics. The Bible was included on a “prohibited items list” prepared by the Chinese government and distributed to athletes who intend to participate in the China-hosted Olympics. Under penalty of Chinese law, Bibles may not be brought into the Olympic village. Interestingly, no ban applies or has ever applied to the Muslim Quran. Apparently, Islam and all of its practices are still to be allowed. Also, apparently (although the secular and decidedly anti-Christian mainstream press did not report this story), China heard about the uproar caused by its actions from the new media and is now denying they occurred. China has now declared that athletes will be allowed to bring Bibles into the Olympic Village if they are “exclusively for personal use.”

Note: Ideologies—as well as persons and countries—are more often than not defined by their enemies. And Christianity has a growing number of them. These now include atheists, terrorists, the secular leftist press and repressive governments. And of what are these individuals and groups afraid? Answer: The truth and its being distributed to and shared with those whom the aforementioned enemies have oppressed.

As of this writing, China had issued no bans against any other religious materials for any other religious disciplines. The only absolute ban appeared to include solely that pertaining to Judeo-Christian religious teachings. Still buy the Chinese “we don’t ban Bibles” comments? Well—let’s take a look at the country’s recent and past history, with regards to Christianity and Christians.

Despite China’s continued denials, the persecution of Christians—which includes myriad executions for proselytizing—are nothing new in this atheist Communist country. Arrest, torture and the murders of those practicing the Christian faith have been ongoing for decades. Although China’s Constitution “guarantees” freedom of religion, the actual granting of said freedom (with the exception of Islam—due to the threat it poses to humanity, including China’s leaders) is not practiced. However, Christian churches are destroyed on a regular basis in this atheist country.

Videos smuggled out of China show the execution-murders of Christians for even distributing Holy Bibles. Still others are sent to prison or beaten within inches of the continuation of their lives for preaching Christianity. On the other hand, Islam is thriving in China. Over 28,000 mosques are said to have been erected in China, with 12,000 in the province of Xinjiang—alone. As another seemingly obvious example of China joining with Islam against Christianity, Imams are given unrestricted travel to Mecca and back for the Hajj while Christians are shot and beheaded—for being Christian On the flip side, China has allowed Muslim organizations to grow at a rapid pace. And as China continues to kill Christians and work toward the planned destruction of Christianity, it also continues to export poisoned pet and people food to the USA and places our infants and toddlers at extreme risk with their faulty and lead-laced toys and cribs. If those weren’t enough, China is also exporting fake pharmaceuticals—that will kill us.

Then, to add insult to injury, thus far the US government has done little-to-nothing to stop this radical country. We continue to import its proven-to-be-poisonous products! Insane? You betcha! And what is the USA’s response? Answer: Continue to allow the import of toxic Chinese products and foodstuffs. And now, China slaps the USA (an overwhelmingly Christian nation) in the face again by telling us and the world that Christian practices by Olympic athletes will not be allowed in their country—despite the fact that it quickly appeared to reverse its stance after the practice was exposed.

Can someone tell me—with all China is currently doing to us—why we are still allowing their exports into our country and why we aren’t boycotting the 2008 China Olympics? Has the leftist tendency toward suicide infected even the highest offices in our land? Disastrously, it appears so.

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