Duncan Hunter a Definite Maybe

By: Leigh Patrick Sullivan

Trying to choose a favorite in the Republican race for the presidential nomination brass ring has been an interesting experience. While the Democrat campaign has become so morbidly boring that you actually have to remind yourself to pay attention (or, more likely, force yourself to pay attention), the Party of Reagan has seen some interesting quirks thus far.

The problem is that each new twist causes me to rethink who I will be cheering for to win it all. First was Rudy Giuliani. In fact it’s been Giuliani since September 12, 2001. Remember after the Towers came down, how even some lifelong Dems said they’d vote Republican if Rudy ran? Funny how memory fades and times change. At one time it was Rudy, hands-down. Now, I’m not so sure.

Then it was the anticipation of having Ronald Reagan II, a.k.a. Sen. Fred Thompson, come out of the closet and finally announce his candidacy. The media-induced snowball effect of that story is now a thing of legend. Day after week after month saw every cable news show and political round-table eagerly predicting ‘will he?’ or ‘won’t he?’ or ‘when will he?’

Ever since finally stating the obvious on the Tonight Show, the buzz has disappeared. The build-up far surpassed the real event, and the Thompson campaign has reached a plateau. In entertainment terms, his announcement to run was the exact moment his campaign ‘jumped the shark’. My confidence in supporting Thompson hasn’t completely disappeared, but it’s most certainly shaken.

This brings us to my current study: Rep. Duncan Hunter. Of all the candidates on my list for consideration, he has proven to be the most difficult to decide on. While I am fully in agreement with Rep. Hunter’s views on issues such as the War on Terror, support for Israel, Border enforcement, and America’s job drain to China, his views on the social issues prevent me from immediately committing to him. As well, his resistance to a proposed ‘NAFTA Super highway’ with Canada and Mexico needs further study. I would hope that Duncan is pro-free trade with Canada and not wishing to move toward any counterproductive trade barriers. If so, I just may jump onto his bandwagon.

In the end, there is still time and a good field of candidates to consider. As difficult as it is to choose a favorite, at least we can be thankful that there is such qualified talent on the political right. Just look at what the Democrats are going through.


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