Democrats Ignore Warnings of Comptroller General- Entitlement Spending Grows Worse

By: Guest Authors

By: Michael McNesby

How many Americans have given thought to the powerful undertow of the nanny-state? How many Americans are aware of the astounding prosperity achieved by America before FDR, when free enterprise reined, when government took 2% of the national income, compared to today’s 34%?

How many Americans know that the Comptroller General is hitting all areas of America educating voters on what a bind the country is facing due to out of control entitlements?

Democrats and Republicans, in a 1996 bi-partisan effort, enacted a child’s health care program strictly for children and strictly for those considered unable to get health care.

The private sector had much better options but the nanny-state crowd never cares about actual solutions. This was the next best thing.

Insidious government, upon getting its foot in the door, always looks to move the goal posts.

Democrats paraded a child (victim) from a family who owns a house valued in the neighborhood of $400,000, own its own business, has 2 kids in private school at a cost of $20,000 each and owns 3 beautiful vehicles with high values.

This victim’s wife also works in his business. Does his business obtain health insurance for himself or his wife? Why should he, when he can get a free lunch? Nobody has to pay for it. It is given to him by that extremely generous entity known as “government.”

This is the essence of being a Democrat. Keep giving government more and more power, creating more government dependency, expanding the nanny-state

Will we ever pay proper attention to the insidious nature of government?

Suggest victimhood, create a limited program, promise low costs, knowing you’ll fight to expand it later, watch it spin out of control, do more of the same.

Instead of listening to the U.S. Comptroller General’s warning about the unsustainability of the $55 trillion of debt we are now committed to, from entitlements-most of it in just the last few years-another very costly one just pours gasoline on the fire.

When will the word insidious be understood?

How much Marxism will we accept before saying enough is enough.

Mick McNesby is a former tax advisor, consultant and negotiator. He was a frequent guest on political talk shows in Atlantic City, N.J., discussing the benefits of the lower cost of government. He can be visited at

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