The Year Of the People

By: Carolyn Hileman

When the senate decided they would grant amnesty to 12 – 20 million people we took it to the people and the people and the people stopped them. When they tried to change the name and run it through again we took it to the people and yet again they rose to the occasion. They foolishly thought that after those two victories that the army of the people would be celebrating too much to notice the amnesty plan in the dream act, we took it to the people and they found out they were wrong.

When most of us started this fight against illegal immigration we were told the American people don’t care, they are apathetic, lazy And considering some of the rallies that have had at the most fifty people some of us were starting to wonder if they were right, we now know that the American people will rise up to defend their country and will do so with such fire that the I am sure some senators phones are still smoldering, not bad for a bunch of lazy Americans huh.

2007 is the year of the people, the year that ordinary Americans took back control of their country. They didn’t do it by just going to the polls, no they did it by telling those we had already voted for what they wanted done and guess what they had no other option but do it. The people spoke so loudly and so unanimously, that they decided to drop the agfarms portion of the bill, rather than answer our phone calls again. While that is a victory, I don’t know about you but I still do not trust them since Bush was working on rewriting a farm bill that would allow illegal immigrants to work on the farms so I suspect we will be fighting this one still.

Now we the people need to speak to the LVPD, NV: Las Vegas Metro Police Now Labels Minutemen as “Gangs” Along Side the Aryan Brotherhood! Now I don’t know about you but this is offensive to anyone of us who has made that phone call, or written that email. I have yet to hear of the Minutemen doing anything other than watching our borders and reporting their sightings to the border patrol. I personally am sick and tired of anytime we say anything that they do not deem politically correct we are racists and closet members of the KKK. I have no desire to be mentioned in the same sentence as those people and that is what the open borders crowd calls anyone who wants the borders secure. I have had enough, when the police application specifically asks if you are a member of a gang or subversive group such as the Minutemen, or Aryan Brotherhood, something is very wrong.

But we can do something about this, we can call them at (702) 828-3394 or we can email them at and we can tell them just how angry it makes us that they are calling a group of people who are committed to our border security subversives and comparing them to the Aryan Brotherhood is beyond the pale and we think they owe them a public apology and they need to remove that from further applications. We need to remind them that it is also their job to make sure that American streets are safe for Americans and that by associating the Minutemen with that group they are insinuating that they are a criminal element and therefore impugning their reputation and that is slander. That each of us that are committed to a secure border whether we are paying members or not could easily be identified as Minutemen and we demand that this discrimination and misinformation cease and desist immediately.

We owe this to ourselves, to the American citizens who live in Las Vegas, we owe it to every single person who has stood at our border or on our street corners to protest the entry of illegal immigrants and we owe it to the victims of illegal immigration from that state and every other state. But most of all we owe it to our country, we owe it to it simply because if we the people allow this to stand tomorrow we the people will be a subversive group. It is not subversive to stand up for your country; it is not subversive to fight for your country. If they can label these fine people as subversive, then they can do the same to us, they can put us on watch lists and we the people instead of being seen as the patriots we are will be seen as subversive groups and subject to investigation for doing nothing more than fighting for our country. I have no doubt that the people will rise up once again to right this wrong simply because this is the year of the people. I thank you for all of your hard work and the hard work you will do ahead, but most of all I thank you for making this the year of the people.

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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