Is Praying for “A Rainy Night In Georgia” Dumb

By: John Lillpop

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue is among those desperately searching for a solution to the drought conditions that continue to plague his state and most of the southeast. Now the governor is asking Georgians to join him in praying to the Almighty for a rainy night, or preferably scores of rainy nights, to end the crisis.

Naturally, atheists are adamantly opposed to prayer or any other public function that legitimizes God. Mind you, I do not believe that He needs legitimizing from any mortal, least of all atheists.

Still, atheists like Georgian Ed Buckner plan to demonstrate at the governor’s prayer vigil.

“We’ve got a real problem. Let’s try to do something real about it and instead of grandstanding,” said Buckner, who is a member of the Atlanta Freethought Society.

ABC News:

And just what do you have in mind in the way of “real,” Mr. Buckner?

Would you prefer that Georgia outlaw Christmas just to see if that helps? And if not, at least you got rid of another pagan holiday?

Or perhaps Georgia should raise taxes? That is always the standby solution in the minds of leftists who hate God and want everyone else to do likewise.

And then there is always the W card. Why not blame the parched ground on global warming brought on by President GW Bush?

Go ahead, push for the immediate impeachment of Bush and his comrade in terror, Veep Cheney. And when President Pelosi takes over the Oval Office, it will surely start to rain.

That is so because the Almighty will surely weep at the stupidity of mankind in allowing a clueless liberal to ascend to the most powerful position on earth!

But back to Buckner who added the following statement to his anti-God, pro-drought rant:

“It (the prayer vigil) is also an absurd, foolish thing to do, and it makes the state of Georgia and Georgians like myself look dumb,” Buckner added.

At least Buckner got something right–he certainly does look dumb. But it’s not because of the governor’s prayer vigil, Ed.

Rather, it’s your silliness in trying to make a state versus religion issue out of a sincere effort on the part of Governor Perdue to end the misery. Pretending that the governor’s actions harm you or any other godless atheist is really dumb!

Oh, and by the way, when the evacuation Ark stops in Atlanta after 40 days of rain, feel free to refuse to get on board. After all, the Lord would not want Ed Buckner to look dumb!

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