Mexican President Calderon Proves That Stupidity Is Transferable

By: John Lillpop

When the term of former Mexican President Vicente Fox ended nearly one year ago, many pundits predicted a new age of enlightenment in third world Mexico. Felipe Calderon, Fox’s eventual successor, was supposed to usher out the traditional stupidity that has captivated Mexico for decades.

Unfortunately, President Calderon is turning out to be least as daft as Fox, and perhaps more so in certain instances.

Calderon’s latest dabbling in terminal idiocy came when the president ripped “the growing harassment” of Mexicans in the United States. He added to the insanity by calling illegal aliens squatting in America “thematic hostages” of the 2008 presidential campaign, and by insisting that American politicians not use Mexican illegal aliens as a talking point.

Proving beyond a doubt that stupidity is, in fact, transferable from one Mexican president to another, Calderon announced that his administration would finance a media campaign in America to counter the negative image of illegal aliens by focusing instead on “success stories” about Mexican invaders.


Calderon, it would appear, is under the assumption that the illegal alien problem in America can be fixed with a little PR, a tap dance around the issues, and a wink and a nod to those obsessed with borders, rule of law, and other mundane matters.

Have you talked lately with President Bush, Felipe? Or with New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, Senator Hillary Clinton, or Senator Harry Reid?

If not, you should do so as soon as possible.

Fact is, until very recently, the politicians listed would have probably agreed that the illegal alien problem was basically a PR issue. Bothersome, but not urgent.

However, you really need to check in with your American sponsors for a reality update.

Illegal immigration is a scorching hot button issue with Americans who are fed up with your countrymen and women who invade our nation and cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars every year, and who degrade homeland security, education, health care, and nearly every aspect of American life.

You say you want to protect Mexicans from being abused in America? Then for goodness sakes, keep them from invading America to begin with!

For a change, let Mexico be responsible for feeding, educating, and providing health care for Mexican citizens–and do so in Mexico!

As to the abuse of Mexicans already here illegally, get braced for another dose of reality. Americans want our next president to deport scores of millions of illegal aliens back to Mexico! That will surely end all abuse at the hand of Americans.

Here is yet another tip, Felipe.

Demanding that American politicians do anything is just not smart. No one really gives a damn about what you think, and any politician stupid enough to accede to your demands is most probably already in your administration and residing in Mexico.

Finally, do not waste your corrupt pesos on a PR campaign in America. Instead, save that dinero for the day when millions of illegal aliens are shipped back to Mexico, to your attention, where they belong!

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