Tim Russert & Wolf Blitzer Don’t Choose Presidents

By: Ken Hughes

The Democratic presidential debates are beginning to look like a kindergarten finger painting contest where every child gets a first place trophy. Each of the candidates agreed with the polls that were released earlier in the day. The only looser was the Bush Administration. As usual all those things congress hasn’t been able to come to grips with are all Bush’s fault. For some reason the voters don’t understand Democrats running against George Bush who isn’t running. They would much prefer hearing what’s in each candidates future plans.

The voters are asking themselves how honest and how fair these debates are. When one of the candidates is ask if square pegs fit in round holes the candidate goes off on a tangent how it was the Bush administration that created all the square pegs in the first place. It’s been reported on several accusation audience questions have been planted by the front runners staffs. One young college student was told rather than ask Hillary the question “What her views on the nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain are” she was told to ask if Hillary likes diamonds more than pearls. Only a moron would ask such a question in a national debate, certainly not an articulate college student.

The Yucca Mountain question wasn’t the only one that had been manipulated. The Casino cashier who stumbled over her question was more from lack of memory than fear. The question the lady asked was way beyond her pay grade, it was an obvious plant. A young Hispanic asked a question in English that Chris Dodd snapped up and answered in Spanish, his rendition was so articulate he had to have known the question in advance. There were other questions by the moderators and the audience that were to perfectly responded to there is no question the whole affair wasn’t all choreographed far in advance.

CNN has long been known as the “C-linton N-ews N-etwork” Thursday nights performance leaves no question of this as a fact. It was widely reported prior to the debate Wolf Blitzer had his marching orders to play nice with Hillary. That leaves the voters who watched the debate to ask themselves, “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?” The CNN moderators were less than aggressive in their questions and lacked control over the candidate’s answers. Many of the candidates seemed to wonder off into unrelated territory with their answers. One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard has been the unfairness of the questioning. It appeared to be a three-way debate between Clinton, Obama and Edwards with Edwards bringing up the rear, the other candidates where mere stage props

What have we learned from either the Democratic or Republican debates? Not much except a myeloid of allegation of the incompetence of each of the presidential candidates as presented by the other candidates. It’s obvious the voters are less interested in who slept with who when. The voters are interested in what the candidate’s plans for dealing with current situations are. In case those presidential candidates and congressional leaders haven’t noticed public rage has turned to the illegal immigrate situation as a major campaign issue. Those things such as the incompetence of the Bush Administration, the war in Iraq, Gay Rights and the attacks on Christianity have all given way to illegal immigration, the incompetence of congress and the fear of excessive taxation should the Democrats win control of congress and the presidency.

What the candidates don’t seen to understand is there’s a vast conspiracy of voters out there who aren’t paying attention to whose ahead or behind in the polls and they sure as hell aren’t paying attention to Wolf Blitzer or Tim Russert At this point they are more inclined to watch Marie Osmond dance or Dirty Jobs on TV than political speculation. This mish mash of hyperbole that’s going on is strictly for those of us whose passion is politics. At this point the average voter is tone depth and will remain that way until shortly before he or she goes to make their mark on a ballot.

The front runners will remain the front runners because the media has chosen them and won’t give the rest of the candidates the recognition they deserve. There was a time when the candidate was chosen at the parties’ convention. It seems now the parties conventions have become a carnival for sex, booze and drugs. All the decisions have been made far in advance. I’m sure sex, booze and drugs can be more enlightening than choosing candidates but are they more beneficial?

Presidents are visitors, in 4 to 8 years they’re gone and a new one comes along. We need to be more concerned with whom we send to congress, Vote for the new Guy or Gal send the incumbents back to the retirement home. Let’s bring congress in out of the darkness and into the 21st century.

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