It’s Illegal Immigration Stupid! Why McCain and Hillary Will Never Be President

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by: William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

The next round of polling data will show a dramatic drop in support for the candidacy of Hillary Clinton for President. We know this because of the precedent set by John McCain and Senators Harry Reid, Lindsay Graham, and Trent Lott who all experienced massive drops in their support levels after making the mistake of coming out in favor of assistance for or amnesty for illegal aliens instead of enforcement of our existing immigration laws.

Hillary Clinton will take the “McCain Plunge” because of her recent support for licenses for illegal aliens and subsequent flip-flop on the issue.

By coming out in support of licenses for illegal aliens she has taken a stance that national polling data shows 77% of Americans disagree with! Then by reversing her stance to oppose licenses for illegal aliens, she has angered the 15% of Americans that support the program. All the while, she has shown 100% of Americans that either side of the immigration debate cannot trust her! The results will be a first class campaign killer that will send Hillary’s support numbers down on a deadly spiral similar to the “McCain Plunge” that took him from the first place spot in the GOP Primary to 4th place due to his overt support for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” which is widely viewed as Amnesty for illegal aliens.

Clinton came out in support of licenses for illegal aliens when asked about Governor Elliot Spitzer’s (D-NY) plan to give licenses to illegal aliens during the Democratic Presidential debates at Drexel University on October 30, 2007. She went on to criticize President George Bush for not passing “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” which was an amnesty plan offered to rewrite existing immigration laws that go un-enforced, despite a super majority of support from American citizens, and place illegal aliens in the US on a path to citizenship.

Clinton threw her support into a tailspin by making two mistakes. One, by backing the licenses for illegals and secondly, by claiming she thought “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” amnesty was a good idea.

She either ignored or failed to read about the poll conducted in her home state of New York by the Siena (College) Research Institute that showed 72% of her state’s voters rejected the licenses for illegals plan described in the Queens Courier on October 18, 2007.

Her campaign did notice a November 6 national poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports that found 77% of all American adults opposed licenses for illegal aliens including 68% of Democrats and 75% of those not affiliated with either major political party.

This information sent Hillary after Governor Spitzer to ask him to back away from his unpopular plan because she knew it would cost her the Presidency since she had come out in support of it at the Drexel University debate! The obvious thing about this part of the story is that Clinton asked Spitzer to back off of the plan until after the elections, not for good.

Then, she tried to reverse her stance during the November 15, 2007 CNN Debates. When asked if she supported licenses for illegal aliens she simply said “No”.

So there you have it folks! If you are part of the 77% of Americans opposed to licenses for illegal aliens, you know that Hillary thinks it is a “smart idea” but she is willing to lie to you about it in order to win the election. If you are part of the 15% of Americans that support licenses for illegal aliens then Hillary just damaged your cause while showing she is willing to lie to America about her true stance.

Most of the Democratic candidates, especially Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, are spouting that they are for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, an amnesty that would put most illegal aliens in the US on a path to licenses and citizenship!

Did these candidates and their staff miss the stellar plunges that the supporters of those radical plans took?

John McCain will never be President because he fell from 1st place to 4th or 5th in the GOP field after supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty.

Rasmussen Reports polling found that only 16% of Americans believed the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bills would decrease illegal immigration. Attempts to pass this legislation and the similar Dream Act Amnesty failed four times in 2007 with angry calls coming into Senate offices 50 to 1 against the act. The call volume was so heavy that it actually overloaded and shut down the capitol phone systems!

McCain’s support levels in the Republican primary fell like a brick to only 10% of Republican voters nationwide. The Arizona Star reported (5/22/2—7) that angry Republican voters were storming into the GOP state headquarters and tearing up their voter registration cards! By mid June, McCain was being called a ‘Traitor’ by voters during regular campaign stops and while approval ratings in his home state fell to historic lows!

Immediately following McCain’s coalition effort to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform with Senator Ted Kennedy, the Republican National Committee (RNC) had to fire their phone telemarketers because they could not raise enough funds from the enraged Republican base that is in a state of revolt against the legislation.

Within a few weeks, McCain’s fundraising plummeted and he started to lay off staff. This generated speculation he might have enough sense to pull out of the race all together.

McCain’s co-conspirators in Washington did not fare well either.

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) was the main front man pushing the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bills. His approval ratings fell to only 19%! Senator Graham’s numbers fell in South Carolina as well.
Then the bottom fell out.

In the middle of the debate of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Congress’s approval ratings fell to a historic low of 14% according to Gallup polls! Bush’s numbers fell to the lowest level of his Presidency into the 20’s. Rasmussen Reports tied the collapse of McCain and Bush’s approval numbers to their unpopular support of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” amnesty!

The final blow to the legislation came on June 21, when the media reported the latest Zogby poll numbers that only 9% of Americans approved of how the President was handling immigration issues and only 3% approved of how Congress was handling it. While these low numbers included some supporters of Amnesty that were not happy with the legislative package, the focuses of the President and Senate at the time of these readings were in favor of Comprehensive Immigration reform. As an experienced campaign consultant, I can tell you that readings like this are both historic and unprecedented!

So now we have a slate of Democratic Presidential candidates proclaiming their love of Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty as well as several Republicans.

And why would they support legislation that only has less than 20% support from the American public instead of supporting attrition enforcement measures that show 70-80% public support? It is because special interest groups, including the US Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committees that provide the vast majority of funds needed to run and win for President, support the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty and Open Borders Agenda.

These global corporations are making a lot of money off the sellout of America. In fact, many believe it is their influence over the Bush administration that has led to the non-enforcement and under enforcement of our existing immigration laws. We may be looking at the biggest corporate and political scandal in American history. Many of us envision a future where those responsible for this crisis are investigated, prosecuted, and put on public trial for what they have done to our nation and the founding principles of our country.

Will America remain the land of the self governed or will this radical Open Borders minority win?

The answer depends on two important factors. One, how many Americans will seek to determine which candidates support this radical agenda and to shout about it from the rooftops from now to Election Day to warn our fellow countrymen. Two, which candidates will truthfully support our existing immigration laws that would greatly reduce the number of illegal aliens in America if enforced over a period of years?

Will elite global corporations be the rulers of America or will the American public run the show?

The future is yours to decide.

William Gheen is the President of ALIPAC, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, found on the web at ALIPAC seeks to work with and represent the 80% of Americans of every race, denomination, and political party that consistently indicate they want enforcement of our existing immigration laws. Gheen is also a veteran campaign consultant with over 44 campaigns of experience for both Democrat and Republican candidates in North Carolina.

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