More Hazardous: Driving While Black, Or Policing While White?

By: John Lillpop

U.S. Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) was recently pulled over and ticketed for a traffic violation in Chicago by two white police officers who said he had swerved over a center line before making a left turn. Davis received a $75 ticket and a date in traffic court, although he denies doing anything wrong.

Not only does Rep. Davis deny any wrongdoing, but he also charges that he was pulled over and ticketed only because he happens to be black.

“There was just no reason I could conjure up other than the fact that there were four black people in a car,” Davis said.

“Something needs to happen and it needs to be real,” Davis added.

Something real, Representative? Like what for example?

Perhaps all black drivers should be exempt from obeying Chicago’s traffic laws? Meaning that no black person should ever be pulled over for speeding, running a red light, or swerving over a centerline?

What about blacks suspected of DUI or auto theft? Should these serious crimes be ignored simply because the drivers are black?

Or how about a city ordinance that prohibits a white police officer(s) from pulling over a black driver(s) without a search warrant executed by a black judge?

At the same time, one should also make this non-PC inquiry: Is Representative Davis simply playing the race card to avoid responsibility for sloppy driving? How would he have reacted had the officers involved been black and or Hispanic?

No one can deny that racism is an insidious monster that threatens the liberty and freedom of it’s victims. Those who practice this evil are guilty of the most vile and un-American behavior imaginable.

However, it is also true that one can be called a racist for demanding that our borders be secured or by insisting that port management not be sold to nations with ties to terrorism. President Bush used the race card to defend his otherwise indefensible policies on these issues.

Object to health care or driver’s licenses for illegal aliens and you will automatically be regarded as a red necked racist by code pink leftists.

Reckless allegations of “racism” dilute the meaning and impact of the term, thereby harming those who genuinely suffer from discrimination.

To that extent, misuse of the term is nearly as bad as the actual practice itself.

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