The Holidays Are A Time For Reflection

By: Ken Hughes

I often question the rational of perfectly normal people who have some very strange ways of justifying some rather bazaar practices. I will start with abortion. I believe abortion is murder by any standard and should be treated as such. Even though the majority of people may disagree with me I have a right to that opinion. Not only is it my opinion but God and the constitution agree with me, murder is not only a sin but it’s against the law.

A woman’s right to chose is not absolute; there’s the father that’s very much a part of the process of creating life, there’s the fetus that’s a living organism and there’s the standards of civility sent to us by God in the form of the Ten Commandments. The two issues most frequently used to justify abortion are rape and incest. If those are the standards then the rapist should be prosecuted prior to the abortion. In the case of incest the incestuous should be prosecuted prior to the abortion. Most states have laws against rape and incest, thanks to a liberal supreme court there are no laws governing abortion. Roe v Wade is legislation from the bench not law.

My next subject is the new art of excessive expectations and underachievement by the [me generation.] We are entering a new [ME] generation where there are no losers only winners. It’s a time when work benefits are more demanding than work effort. We are living in a time when a person’s knowledge isn’t considered reliable unless it’s accompanied by a Masters degree or preferably a PhD. Blue collar and the Union label for all practical purposes have become extinct. Union and Blue collar workers are being replaced by an ever increasing group of entrepreneurial small business men. The high tech jobs go to the University graduates. Service jobs in the retail sector go to the under trained and displaced seniors. Fast food jobs go to those who gave up before they got started. No one’s to blame it’s simply an evolutionary process that’s gone on for centuries.

And now we come to spiritual issues. There’s a new philosophy among many who question all that can’t be proven in their perverse minds. They’re not atheists or agnostics they belong to an Anti-Human group. These are the same people who scar the hell out of little children by telling them the sky is about to fall on their heads. They tell them Polar Bears eat Penguins causing global warming. That Santa Clause is a fat-ass and a racist. They try to convert carnivorous critters into becoming vegetarians. The short version is they are out to redefine the world to their liking and they could care less what the cost will be for the rest of us.

And finally the pet peeve that tops my list of idiomatic conclusions drawn by the Anti-Human crowd, “Global Warming.” Need I remind you the retreat of the first know Ice age [i.e.] Global Warming was the greatest boon to mankind since the creation? It created the largest inland navigational system in the world, the Great Lakes. It created enormous acres of arable land and a watershed to irrigate that land. The down side was it created Canada. We can call it nature, God or whatever you like, I can assure you the natural evolution of the earth has more to do with climate change than mans efforts could ever have.

There’s no question man needs to be aware of what we do with this earth and how we utilize its recourses. In the end lying to little children or those gullible enough to buy into a theory of Global Pollution by unproven science isn’t contributing to the betterment of the atmosphere around us. Every word the Anti-Humans utter is based on speculation promoting a thesis of what may happen years down the road. Former Vice President Al Gore is promoting a theory based on junk science by unqualified researchers with as little accreditation as Mr. Gore. Many qualified climatologists tell us “They simply don’t know.” What they do know is every time the data supports the theory of global warming, new data contradicts the old. Global warming research is an endless circle leading nowhere.

Given sufficient time, [which we have] technology will take care of any harm man is doing to the atmosphere. There’re research centers in the country that are converting carbon emissions [Co2] back into usable products. I would suggest to Mr. Gore if he’s truly interested in cleaning up the atmosphere go where the pollution is and the technology isn’t, Chins, India, Korea, Taiwan, Hon Kong and Mexico to name a few. I’ve been to each of these places, the pollution in Los Angeles is nothing compared to anyone of those places.

We must ask ourselves “What’s in it for the Anti-Humans?” “What’s in it for Al Gore?” Al Gore did little or nothing as a Washingtonian except add his name as author to a couple of ghost written books and follow a script given him by the Anti-Humans that have since proven to have more errors than a college football player’s term papers. Does the world need Al Gore and his Ilk playing God? I know God and believe me they are not Him / Her and never will be!

Sleep well little children, tonight Al Gore is dining with the Rich Oil producing Princes somewhere in the Middle East. He’s to pre-occupied to pull the sky down on you tonight.

For those who agree, thank you, for those who don’t let me hear from you, I could be wrong.

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