There is a remedy for everything, if we pay for it.

By: Carolyn Hileman

It really is not enough that our tax dollars go to give illegal immigrants health care, to educate their children, and a host of other social services. There are companies who for a small price that will somewhat protect us from them. There are businesses popping up everywhere that will protect you from ID theft, you can pay extra for uninsured motorist insurance and when they hit you it will cover you car and medical right up to the amount YOU pay for. I look for a special business insurance next that will protect you from bankruptcy should they take all of your business away and of course we need to pay for another insurance that insures that your job is safe…

Why don’t we build them special roads to drive on, ones where the cops never stop you and we can even build them special neighborhoods so they can trash them up all they want and no one will care, we can even build them special schools where they can take over and fly their flag anytime they want. We can even build them a hospital; we needn’t worry about doctor’s offices because unless it is free clinic they aren’t going to go anyway. You see everything can be fixed if we just agree to keep paying for it…

Take a look at car insurance for instance, why do our rates go up? To cover the cost of uninsured drivers of course, so here is what happens you pay higher premiums because there are people out there driving with no insurance and then you get a choice, risk having one of them running into you and have to pay out of pocket or you can pay even more and be sure that when they do your car will be fixed. Makes sense doesn’t it? You can risk someone stealing your ID and ruining your credit or you can pay some agency to monitor your credit for you. Now they are not going to be able to stop them from using you social security number just notify you, yeah, I am writing that check now…

Now I am not saying that everyone diving without insurance is an illegal immigrant and I am not saying all ID thieves are either but what I am saying is that if they were not here I dare say it would not be nearly as prevalent. I am saying that it is ridiculous to have to pay higher premiums and then have to get more insurance simply because our government wants to make good with the illegal immigrant population. It is ridiculous to pay higher school taxes to build a bigger school only to teach more illegal immigrant children. Lets be honest here shall we, as long as we agree to buy that extra insurance and hire the ID theft firms and pay those extra taxes they will keep coming up with them.

Perhaps the Government can require the illegal immigrants to fill out a SR22 and pay the state for insurance and the state could reimburse the citizens, the only problem with that is they are not going to pay/ If they came here illegally, it isn’t likely they are going to do that so the people of that state would end up paying, I imagine they already do. There is one simple explanation that our government tends to ignore and that is to send them home, they will tell us it simply cannot be done, I beg to differ if we can evacuate Houston and Galveston during a hurricane, we can pull up a few greyhound buses and start loading them up. Otherwise we will have education insurance so that when your child fails if it is because their teacher was to busy teaching another student English you can use that to bring up your kids grade so they will pass. We could end up buying church insurance, the kind that says if your church is caught harboring illegal immigrants you don’t have to tithe. Of course some of them driving without a license and insurance could be stopped if people selling their cars would just ask to see their drives license. That is a good idea anyway simply because until they register that car (and they don’t tend to) if they have an accident they will come looking for you because they don’t wish to add charges to the illegal immigrant. But then again this time tomorrow there will be someone issuing an insurance for that as well, so as you see there is a remedy for everything, if we pay for it.

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
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