Pulling The Plug

By: Carolyn Hileman

Ah the days when we were young, we could work eight to twelve hours and still find time to hang out with friends, play with the kids, and clean the house and party. Those days are over for a lot of us, we can still manage to work eight to twelve hours but our body hurts for days after and we only have the energy to push the remote button, that being said we are still the motor that keeps the train called America moving. Loyalty is a thing of the past now you either keep up the pace or you are thrown under the train, and you and I are about to be cast off the side. How many of you remember Terry Schiavo? Do you remember the big deal that was made over one woman’s life? All of the political posturing and the big public outcry was not really about her, it was about us.

We are an aging populace, can’t change that fact, we can feel it in our bones every single time the weather changes and as such we are no longer necessary. It does not matter that you gave the best years of your life to build a business you would never own, it does not matter that you never made enough to put money away for retirement. You are old, you cost too much to maintain and you are now expendable. Harsh, yes, reality yes, you see the government that we have paid into, built and maintained is pulling the plug. They know they can import people into this country who will work longer for little or no pay; they have no vote so they will be silent and they know the majority of the people have been worked so hard that they are just too tired when they come home to give a damn.

The leaders of AZTLAN have said all they have to do is wait for us to die and take over, the media is printing stories about how we are to old and we need more workers and we the tired, the over worked and the under paid are about to be called upon to pay higher taxes in order to allow them to become legal so they can take our livelihoods away. I know this sounds brash, I know that you really don’t want to hear this, I know you cannot believe our government would do such a thing, but the sad fact of the matter is right now since we have quieted down, ICE no longer is accepting anyone who has not committed a felony, the White House is revising the penalties for hiring illegals and as if that were not enough ICE and Teddy Kennedy have been working on guidelines to make the raids more humane, things such as not taking them if they have children born in the US, or if they are sick or the sole provider.

Do you remember the reasons given for ending that young woman’s life? She could no longer live a productive life, how productive are you, what about your spouse? How productive are your children? Can you keep pace with the new young worker from Mexico, Argentina, Japan, China, Philippines? Would you be willing to accept a cut in pay if it meant you would not be replaced by someone from another country? Thousands of American children cannot afford to attend college by no fault of their own; minimum wage just does not cut it. These are taxpayer’s children, the children of the people who have paid the taxes so many of these grants and low rate loans could exist, yet they should be grateful to take out a loan for their children to go to college simply because it is available to them. Without this education many children will be passed over for HB1 Visa holders who are trained in these fields and don’t think those in government don’t know it. The idea that we have worked so hard all these years so our children could do better is wrong. We worked all these years and paid taxes so they could bring in someone a little less likely to complain, a little less likely to strike if they are not given a raise.

So there we have it, we the old reliable workers are being replaced with the newer model, and they don’t break down as often. We are no longer capable of leading productive lives, we are being kept alive by machines only, there will be no special bills to save us, no crowd of people to protest just you and that feeding tube, are you going to let them pull it? Will you simply exist for a couple of days and then die? Or will you rise up pull out the plug, feed yourself and then fight till the bitter end; the decision is yours because they are pulling the plug.

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Voice


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