What in the hell are we fighting for?

By: Carolyn Hileman

Hani Hanjour pulled over for speeding August 2000. He was stopped for going 50 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone. Driving a Chevrolet van with New Jersey plates, he produced a Florida driver’s license.

Ziad S. Jarrah was also stopped for speeding on northbound Interstate 95 in Pikesville on September 9, shortly after midnight. Jarrah, driving 90 mph in a 65 mph zone, received a $270 fine in a rural section of Interstate 95 in Cecil County near the Delaware state line.

Mohamed Atta was stopped by police July 2000 in Tamarac, Fla. and ticketed for an invalid license officials there have said. He ignored the ticket and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. But, when he was stopped for speeding a few weeks later in a nearby town, the officer, unaware of the bench warrant, let him go with a warning. If you think you recognize these names there is a reason. If the cops had access to any information they would have found that they were here on expired visa’s and if they had followed the law and detained them it would have put a serious dent in the 9/11 plot. Atta’s bench warrant was found in the glove box of the car he had been diving outside the airport.

According to an Associated Press article describing a new addendum released by the 9/11 Commission, two of the 9/11 hijackers “lied on their applications ‘in detectable ways’ but were not questioned about those lies. And all 19 of the hijackers’ applications had data fields left blank, or were incomplete in some other way.” Columnist Joel Mowbray first raised concerns about the 9/11 hijackers’ visa applications nearly two years ago in a cover story for National Review. His conclusion: If our immigration laws had been enforced, at least 15 of the 19 hijackers would have been denied visas. If, that is a wonderful word isn’t it, if they had known, if they had access, if, if, if. If someone had been paying attention 2996 American citizens would be alive today. Yet we should not be concerned our government is looking out for us by allowing anyone who wants to come here free and open access.

We all know the toll that illegal immigration has taken on our schools, our hospitals an our ability to work, but few know the toll it took on 9/11, while these men came here on visa’s those visa’s were based on someone not bothering to look at the application and rubber stamping them and they had expired, the fact that the cops either by directive by the state or just not wanting to do the paper work allowed these men to drive on their inaction those nights put the first nail in 2996 coffins. Yet we are told daily that those 12 -20 million illegal immigrants are only here to work, I will bet that is what those people who allowed the mass murderers to drive on that night thought to. What does a terrorist look like; do they wear signs saying I am a terrorist? No, they live next door to you, they go to the game with you’re kids, they frequent the hot spots, work and go to school and they try like hell to draw little attention to themselves. They wait and they plot and they plan and rest assured if one of them run a stop sign, or are caught speeding absolutely nothing will be done, they will not ask them if they are in our country illegally, they will just allow them to drive on, to finish their work, to kill Americans.

So you see even though our troops are fighting a war to wipe out terrorism, our government is rolling out the red carpet for anyone to come here. In several states they don’t bother to stop them, and in most if they do stop them they are not allowed to ask for proof of citizenship. As a matter of fact in New Jersey, there is a cop who is being reprimanded for asking some people if they were here illegally. So if they don’t wear signs and we can’t ask, where exactly does that leave us? It leaves us very, very vulnerable; it leaves us with no way of knowing who the bad guys are until of course they blow themselves up in a plane flying into one of our buildings. If we are not fighting this war to stop terrorist, and we must not be or we would not be leaving our borders wide open and attempting to legalize the next batch, if we are not trying to stop terrorists from coming into our county, then what in hell are we fighting for?

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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