Reduce Global Warming: NO Licenses for Illegal Aliens!

By: John Lillpop

California state Senator Gilbert Cedillo, Democrat, has worked tirelessly to achieve one really stupid objective: He wants the state to grant drivers’ licenses to invading criminals, most of whom share Cedillo’s Hispanic ethnicity.

Most of the time, Cedillo’s attempts to license, rather than arrest, illegal aliens have been dumped in the trash bin at the state legislature, or vetoed by the governor.

Normal people usually see the stupidity in even considering drivers’ licenses for those who have no business being in America to begin with.

An apt analogy would be a plan to issue concealed weapon licenses to convicted bank robbers.

Only once, during the term of Democrat Governor Gray Davis, did the Cedillo annual assault on common sense actually become law.

However, even then, the new law was short-lived because California voters wisely decided that Gray Davis was lacking sufficient Grey matter to run the state. So, in 2004, Governor Davis was recalled, and voters installed Arnold Schwarzenegger in his place.

Newly elected Governor Schwarzenegger immediately recognized the stupidity of the Cedillo travesty and promptly terminated the law. The governor has faithfully vetoed the measure each time it has come up in subsequent years.

In an ironic twist of fate, there may be another emerging ally in the battle to keep illegal aliens from being rewarded for invading our sovereign land.

That new ally could be in the bloated personage of Al Gore, Global Warming Patrol Officer, Planet Earth.

If Big Al gets his way, governments at all levels will be under intensive pressure to reduce the number of carbon dioxide spewing automobiles on the road.

Granting drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens would increase, not reduce, the number of killer cars on California’s potted and nearly impassable roads.

Again, triangulation politics may rescue we the people.

Think of it like this: California can Go Green by denying drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens!

It is a win-win for Big Al, the environment, California, and those here legally.

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