This Time Congress Is Going To Far

By: Ken Hughes

There’s an article in the New York Times [on line] dated Dec 2 that in essences says Congress is once more taking over the nations schools by banning all snacks they consider junk food and all vending machines. This is not the job of congress they have no constitutional right to interfere in public education aside from the funding they steal from the tax payers then begrudgingly return to the states.

As well intentioned as Senators Harkin [D- IA.] and Murkowski [R- AK.] are what kids in Texas and Kansas eat is none of their dammed business. The obesity of our children has less to do with junk food as it does with this [me] first generation 75 years of congressional liberalism has created. Every time congress reaches out to the supposed underprivileged they overreach into the rights and responsibilities of parents and local and state authority.

If congress can’t find enough to do in Washington then they should go home and get part time jobs at Wal Mart as greeters, then come back when their needed, but they should stay the hell out of states rights issues.

The advocates for this ridiculous legislation haven’t thought it through. Should such a bill pass and become law the illegal trade on school property in Doritos and Pepsi will make probation look like child’s play. There is no way a politician is smarter than a teenager when it comes to getting around the rules. Teenagers will get their sugar highs regardless of federal legislation.

Is this why we send men and women to congress to interfere in peoples lives and over look the serious issues like illegal immigration, social security, drug addiction and congressional fraud just to mention a few, how much nanny state can this country endure? Beyond that by what authority does the federal government have to enter our homes and communities to dictate a lifestyle?

This is an issue not to be taken lightly. Success here opens the door to a number of future regulations by congress dictating personal beha

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