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December 9, 2007

It Is the Time for Testing

Filed under: Politics In General - 09 Dec 2007

Lawmakers in Washington need to be alarmed and alert as they consider the nominee to be the next attorney general. From an objective external perspective the United States Department of Justice seems to be adrift and to be quickly …

Illinois Congressman Mark Kirk Helps ‘So Brave’ Make Its Way To Soldiers

Filed under: American Military - 09 Dec 2007

Working with Operation Support our Troops Illinois, a nonprofit volunteer-based organization, Illinois Congressman Mark Kirk and students filled holiday care packages for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, with goods including 1,000 CDs of “SO BRAVE” donated by co-writer Angela Lashley.

Fugitive Who Attempted to Hijack the Minuteman Project Convicted of Felony

Filed under: Immigration,Politics In General - 09 Dec 2007

Paul Sielski, the fugitive who allegedly masterminded the failed attempt to steal the Minuteman Project last February was convicted yesterday in a Maryland court of crimes relating to his failure to pay arrearages of child support estimated to be approximately …

The Star Will Return, Merry Christmas To All

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 09 Dec 2007

Nearly two thousand years ago, the appearance of angels in a shepherd’s field would change the lives of all mankind. Before the eyes of lowly shepherds, who were attending their flocks of sheep, angels appeared and asked of these men …

She Still Takes a Villager — Hillary’s Authorship Lies

Filed under: In The News,Politics In General,The Democrats - 09 Dec 2007

Venerable book publishers Simon and Schuster have announced that on December 12th they will be issuing a new edition of Hillary Clinton’s starry-eyed 1996 paean to socialist collectivism, It Takes a Village — starring none other than Mz. inevitability herself, …

How Paul Could Change Race

Filed under: Elections & Voting,The Republicans - 09 Dec 2007

Manchester, N.H. — After shocking the Republican Party establishment with a surge in online support, Rep. Ron Paul is trying to translate his Internet revolution into real votes, particularly in New Hampshire. The Texan’s latest campaign swing through the …

He’s Gonna Find Out Who’s Naughty or Nice . . . or Stupid

We’ve come to expect the usual Christmastime attacks upon tradition in the name of the mythical “separation of church and state”; the nativity scene on public property and school Christmas celebrations are favorite targets. Then we have those wonderfully …