Fugitive Who Attempted to Hijack the Minuteman Project Convicted of Felony

By: Jim Gilchrist

Minuteman Express News©
(A Publication of the Minuteman Project)

By Perry Emerson

Minuteman President, Jim Gilchrist, fears bandit will continue terrorizing his organization

Paul Sielski, the fugitive who allegedly masterminded the failed attempt to steal the Minuteman Project last February was convicted yesterday in a Maryland court of crimes relating to his failure to pay arrearages of child support estimated to be approximately $150,000. Sielski, a flight risk who had been held without bail for about five months, apparently was also charged with failure to appear in court and for being a fugitive from justice.

Sielski was arrested March 21, 2007 by the quick work of deputies from the Fugitive Task Force of the Orange County (Ca.) Sheriff’s Department shortly after the hijacking attempt, from information provided by Jim Gilchrist, the president and founder of the Minuteman Project. Gilchrist, who created the multi-ethnic immigration law enforcement advocacy group over three years ago, said he used the volunteer services of a retired investigative news reporter and a private investigator to conduct a thorough research of Sielski’s background.

“That exhaustive research revealed a very checkered past,” Gilchrist said. “I was not surprised at the results of our investigation. Considering the fugitive’s conduct, it made sense that he probably had a questionable history…that he might be on the run from law enforcement. After three weeks of intense research, our investigators found the evidence we needed to consummate an arrest. We took our information to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the deputies from the Fugitive Task Force reacted with an arrest warrant literally overnight.”

In a plea bargain with prosecutors for the Maryland Attorney General, Sielski was given a choice of standing trial in which he faced a 20-year state prison sentence, or plead guilty to his crimes and receive a five-year sentence. Conditions of the plea bargain allowed Sielski to receive a suspended sentence, but subject to “supervised probation” for three years. The judge also warned Sielski that any failure to uphold his agreement with the court to provide child support, or any violation of his three-year probation, would result in his immediate imprisonment for five years.

“For anyone interested in reading a detailed account of the attempted hijacking of the Minuteman Project, they can find it at our web site by clicking on the “FAQ” tab,” Gilchrist added. www.minutemanproject.com

Gilchrist said he fears that Sielski, along with his business partner in a Maryland computer company, AACompSec, Inc., will continue to engage in malicious and defaming email broadcasts about him, his family members, and other Minuteman Project associates. He also suspects that Sielski will conspire with his hijacking co-conspirators to continue fraudulently soliciting for Minuteman Project donations via emails and internet web sites. Sielski claimed to the court that he was returning to the Tustin, Ca. residence of his lover, also a co-conspirator in the failed hijacking attempt,

“I have to visit Sielski’s probation officer and put he or she on notice about Sielski’s threat to me that he would spend the ‘rest of his life getting me,’ ” Gilchrist concluded.

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