We Have The Power

By: Carolyn Hileman

When it comes to punishing businesses for hiring illegal immigrants, our government seems to have two left feet. We the people need no new laws, we do not need government to fine them, all we need is a little backbone and businesses who cater to or hire illegal immigrants would understand that we want it to stop. Now I know you are thinking that your not buying from them is not going to make much of a difference, but I bet you thought your phone calls and emails wouldn’t do anything to stop the amnesty bill either. The simple fact of the matter is Americans have had enough, we have figured out if our government does anything it will be a very small gesture aimed at shutting us up.

You see we the people control the purse strings and the votes and we the people have proven over and over again this year alone that when we work together we can and will do anything. If you are having work done on you’re home then ask to see background checks on the people who will be working there, not only will you be able to know that the people working on your home are here legally but you might also be able to tell if they have a criminal record such as burglary, or child molestation. In this day in age when no one is looking out for the safety of you’re family taking these precautions makes perfect sense.

If you suspect that a store you frequent is employing illegal immigrants or you are just sick and tired of never hearing English spoken when you go there, take your business elsewhere. We are in the United States of America and it is our right to hear our native language anywhere we shop or do business and if business owners do not get that they shouldn’t get our business. If you don’t like the fact that Tyson imported Central Americans to process their chicken, then do not buy it. This is not a boycott request; this is a notice to the American citizens that you and only you can make a real difference in the illegal immigration debate.

Right now we have candidates on both sides of the isle that have straddled the fence on this issue so much they have saddle soars, but we the people have not wavered, we the people have made ourselves very clear, we have shut down senate phone lines, we have shut down senators emails and we are set and ready to do so at a moments notice, and if we the people can do that then we the people can and will use our economic strength to bring down those companies that refuse to obey the laws of our country. While we are at it the simplest and easiest way to shut down the sanctuary cities is not to write yet another law they will refuse to follow but to simply not trade with them, do go to those places for vacation, don’t spend money in their stores, and when the people in those cities decide to take back their cities lavish them with business.

It is really simple either we the people take back our country are we allow the government to give it over piecemeal to whom ever has the saddest story. I for one refuse to spend one more minute waiting for those people to do anything, I will not spend my money in any establishment that cannot do me the courtesy of speaking my language, I will not spend my money in any place that I have questions about whether they hire illegal immigrants and I will not hire a construction company or landscaping company that cannot provide me with some proof that the people working on or around my home can be trusted. Mitt Romney says it is not American to ask those questions, I beg to differ it is entirely American to know that the money you are paying is going to help an American citizen’s family. We have a right to know that anywhere we spend our money that, that money is staying here in America and you and I my friends can take back our country one shopping trip at a time, one construction project at a time and we can do it without adding new laws to the books, without begging our government to help us, we can do it because we have the power.

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Voice


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