Keith Olbermann IS Torture

By: Bob Parks

The left has been pummeling the Bush Administration and the Central Intelligence Agency about what they call the abuse of those under our War on Terror detention.

It’s bad enough I have to skim through the selective reflections of the liberal intelligentsia, but it really pisses me off that I can’t even watch Sunday night football without seeing and hearing Keith Olbermann’s smug remarks about conspiracies about the Patriots.

Olbermann’s glass house is getting bigger, to match is inflated sense of ego and worth. The day something embarrassing or improper is revealed about him, the fall from grace will be as harsh as his indictments based purely on partisan rhetoric, as well as the selective ignorance of those who inhale his rhetoric.

A classic example was his tongue-lashing of the Bush Administration on the November 5 episode of “Countdown”….

“The presidency of George W. Bush has now devolved into a criminal conspiracy to cover the ass of George W. Bush.

“All the petulancy, all the childish threats, all the blank-stare stupidity;

“All the invocations of World War Three, all the sophistic questions about which terrorist attacks we wanted him not to stop, all the phony secrets; all the claims of executive privilege, all the stumbling tap-dancing of his nominees, all the verbal flatulence of his apologists….”

I’m really impressed by Keith’s use of the Thesaurus. In typical liberal fashion, instead of using facts, verifiable facts, to bolster his arguments, it seems he’s just trying to impress us with the number of negative adjectives he can throw together per sentence.

So what’s the issue ticking off Olbermann this time?


“All of it is now — after one revelation last week — transparently clear for what it is: the pathetic and desperate manipulation of the government, the re-focusing of our entire nation, towards keeping this mock president, and this unstable vice president, and this departed wildly self-over-rating Attorney General — and the others — from potential prosecution for having approved or ordered the illegal torture of prisoners being held in the name of this country.”

Now, what would Mr. Olbermann do if he (heaven forbid) was an intelligence agent and had a terrorist in custody that knew of an impending nuclear bombing of an American city? Would he just call him names?

After two or so minutes of Waterboarding, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed gave up a lot of information of terrorist planning. He even reportedly told a CIA official, “I killed Daniel Pearl. I killed him Hahal (slit his throat in a ritual fashion).” Does Olbermann have any idea what a KSM-type would do to a Jewish Keith Olbermann in captivity?

With all that, George Bush is still his favorite bad guy. According to Olbermann’s narcissism, Bush is hardly intelligent and “courageous” compared to him.

“Mr. Bush — ever done anything that personally courageous?

“Perhaps when you’ve gone to Walter Reed and teared up over the maimed servicemen? And then gone back to the White House and determined that there would be more maimed servicemen?

“Has it been that kind of personal courage, Mr. Bush, when you’ve spoken of American victims and the triumph of freedom and the sacrifice of your own popularity for the sake of our safety? And then permitted others to fire or discredit or destroy anybody who disagreed with you — whether they were your own Generals, or… Max Cleland, or… Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame….”

I’m sure such language has gotten Olbermann invited to all the Greenwich Village parties, and his language has shielded him from the vitriol of the Media Matters and Daily Kos-types. But again, would Keith allow an American city and the millions of people within to burn just so he could show the world just how much better than all of us he is?

“Olbermann then quoted President Bush….

“‘The United States of America does not torture.’

“Made you into a liar, Mr. Bush.

“Made you into, if anybody had the guts to pursue it, a criminal, Mr. Bush.

“Water-boarding had already been used on Khalid Sheik Mohammed and a couple of other men none of us really care about — except, Sir, for the one detail you’d forgotten — that there are rules, and even if we just make up these rules, this country observes them anyway, because we’re Americans, sir, and we’re better than that.

“We’re better than you.”

Keith, ask Daniel Pearl if there are rules. Ask Jack Hensley if there are rules. Ask Nick Berg if there are rules, Mr. Olbermann. Ask Paul Johnson if there are rules. These Americans had their heads slowly sliced off by al Qaeda insurgents in Iraq. They weren’t waterboarded. They were murdered in a manner less merciful and humane than cows in our slaughterhouses.

And who the hell are you, Keith Olbermann, that the President of the United States, of whom you’ve savaged for months now, owes you any kind of an explanation on anything?

And as far as courage is concerned, remember what you wrote in Salon about how you, Keith Olbermann, beat up on Suzy Kolber at ESPN2 before they gladly let you move on…?

“I now read with horror of my ESPN2 co-host, Ms. Kolber, sequestering herself in the women’s bathroom and weeping over how I treated her. She told Freeman that as things deteriorated, I wouldn’t talk to her. She’s wrong: I couldn’t talk to her. I pumped up some small-scale complaints into a scenario in which she was at fault for everything ESPN2 hadn’t become. I wasn’t completely obtuse back then, and if anything would have cut through my neuroses, it would’ve been a colleague’s tears. If I had known, I think I could’ve jumped over the fence I’d built around myself and said what the inner guy always knew: No TV show is worth crying over. Suzy: I’m sorry.”

Yeah, and lecture George Bush about courage. But I’m sure that’s the only despicable thing Keith has done in his life and he said he was sorry. That’s all that counts. Now, back to bashing the president….

“And the man your Justice Department selected to decide whether or not water-boarding was torture, had decided, and not in some phony academic fashion, nor while wearing the Walter Mitty poseur attire of flight-suit and helmet.

“He had put his money, Mr. Bush, where your mouth was.

“So, your sleazy sycophantic henchman Mr. Gonzales had him append an asterisk suggesting his black-and-white answer wasn’t black-and-white, that there might have been a quasi-legal way of torturing people, maybe with an absolute time limit and a physician entitled to stop it, maybe, if your administration had ever bothered to set any rules or any guidelines….”

Now we find out that Congressional posturers like Nancy Pelosi KNEW about the waterboarding procedures back in 2003 and commented on such only after it came out in a Washington Post article. Of course, she says she knew little about it then.The outrage Madam Speaker is expressing today did not exist when she was briefed as a member of the “Gang of Four”, that is, until it became a potential campaign issue a few weeks ago.

Is THAT courage, Mr. Olbermann? No need to that answer now. I’m sure you’ll bring that up on the next “Countdown.”

Again, I wonder what Mr. Holier-than-thou Keith Olbermann would do if he had to weigh life-or-death issues on an almost daily basis? Would he let us all die just so he’d look good with the liberal left who hasn’t the guts to fight for anything? If it were up to people like Keith Olbermann, the rape rooms in Iraq would be up and running, the genocide in Bosnia would be near complete by now, the starvation in Rwanda would be a slogan on his bumper’s sticker, and he’d probably be issuing another subpoena for Osama bin Laden.

Too bad Keith Olbermann never got the chance to ask President Clinton if the United States tortured terror suspects. I’m sure Olbermann would be included in that need-to-know category. I’m sure he’d be satisfied in the answer either way.

We may never know how many lives waterboarding terror suspects have saved. Maybe Keith Olbermann owes his life to the evil Bush Administration, considering how valued a target New York City is. But even if we find out later that NYC was spared because of information forcibly obtained, there is no reason for liberals like Keith Olbermann to thank those who do their jobs and expect none.

THAT takes courage. Just like the courage it takes to personally insult a president who would never respond to those insults. That would be beneath him… just like Keith Olbermann.

Bob Parks is a member/writer for the National Advisory Council of Project 21, Senior Writer for the New Media Journal, VP of Marketing and Media Relations/Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, and VP of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, and commentator for the Intel Radio Network.

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