Will Oprah’s Pimping For Obama Help

By: Ken Hughes

Will Oprah pimping for Obama be a plus for the candidate or are the audiences just showing up to see their favorite T V Diva? Celebrity endorsements usually don’t amount to much in the way of attracting votes. The curious aren’t usually politically motivated, and the politically motivated aren’t that impressed by celebrities. Now if Oprah gives everyone who votes for Obama a new car he may just win the nomination.

Hillary Clinton’s dragged up one of her favorite old Divas, Barbara Streisand. She’ll chip off the rust accumulated from year’s of inactivity add a fresh coat of paint. Then Hillary will send Babs off on the campaign trail. Its doubtful Babs will venture fare from the elite neighborhoods of Rodeo Drive and Fifth Avenue. I doubt we’ll see her at a Hog calling contest in Possum Creek Georgia. Celebrities and aging politicians have a tendency to avoid the masses and place more value on self-worth than the public does.

Democrats are more inclined to use celebrities in their campaigns than Republicans. Democrats are closer to those who use their voices rather than their hands to earn a living. Then there are the actors whose lot in life is playing make-believe and make-believe also seems to fit the Democratic agenda. If Republicans do use an entertainer to promote their campaign it’s usually some aging country star like Charlie Daniels. Republicans are more inclined to honor those achievers who went before than today’s hypocrites.

Republicans have produced some presidents of great accomplishment, starting with Abraham Lincoln, Grant, Hoover, Eisenhower, Reagan and we can’t forget Richard Nixon, had it not been for Nixon opening up the Chinese Markets Wal Mart shelves would be empty this Christmas and the little children would be playing with lumps of coal while Santa watches MTV.

Republicans stood with Lincoln against Democrats to abolish slavery. Republicans backed Lyndon Johnson to enact the civil rights legislation Democrats so vigorously opposed. Republicans have been at the forefront of women’s rights and civil rights since the Civil War. For years Democrats have created legislation slowing down the progress of a one color fits all society. By fronting a couple of supposedly minority candidates for president Democrats believe it will atone for all the lies and all the sins of over 200 years.

There is no question Oprah Winfrey will attract large audiences, after all she’s today’s [super diva.] It takes more than cleverly crafted words and artful gimmicks to convince the voters of a candidate’s qualification. So far all voters see in Barrack Obama is promising the largest tax spending spree in the nation’s history and they don’t see a return on the investment. The public is becoming discouraged with Liberals promising everything to the supposed underprivileged and nothing to those paying taxes to cover the bills.

Hillary Clinton is learning being out in front makes her a target to the nation and doesn’t give her anyone to shoot back at. It’s like being in a Texas hailstorm without an umbrella. Obama may be the next causality of over promotion. Arrogance and excessive self-promotion can frequently be deal breakers. These days the voters are intelligent enough to know what comes from the heart and what comes from a scripted play book. Its probable Hillary Clinton hasn’t spoken an honest word since the time she [rejected] Bill Clinton’s first marriage proposal. That engagement was surely a deal made at the DNC. Bill and Hillary should co-author a book “Love Not Lost and Not Found.”

There’s very little information about Hillary Clinton that isn’t available on the internet. Hillary is perhaps the most scrutinized presidential candidate in history. On the other hand Barrack Obama hasn’t been investigated nearly as closely. I’m sure now that Obama’s ahead in the polls there will be few moments in his life that won’t become public record.

Its mind boggling how men and women who feel qualified to hold the most responsible office in the world can be so juvenile in their attempts to gain approval for the job by their constituents. In earlier years half would have been the [nerds] who were picked on and the other half would have been those bullies who did the picking. There seems to be something abnormal about people who choose politics as a career………..

And also those who write about politics

In the end all the pomp and ceremony mean little or nothing, there will still be that candidate who crashes and burns for some presumed sin his opponents can pin on him or her. It’s inevitable this will happen, it seems in the tragedies of politics there’s inevitably a victim or two before the fat lady sings.

Cast your votes wisely, beauty is temporary intelligence lasts forever.

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