All This Global Warming Crap Is Crap

By: Ken Hughes

Man has no knowledge of how old the earth is or how it was created. Man has been speculating since the supposed creation or big bank and still has no definitive answers. How is it possible for man to predict 50 years into the future when they don’t know what conditions will be a day in advance? Gods’ antagonists can’t win. For as much as mankind would like to prove he / she is the master of the universe it isn’t happening. I have no doubt when God looks at earth he / she regrets not having creating more animals and fewer humans.

Approximately 50 % of the knowledgeable scientific community is beginning to questions the accuracy of global warming enthusiasts. The data is beginning not to support the hype, certainly the beginnings of this winter season shows no indication of warming, quite the contrary this may turn out to be one of the coldest on record. The global warming advocates have always dealt with predicting what will happen in coming years if we don’t follow their logic now. No one questions we should be aware of what man does to alter the environment but to scare the hell out of little children isn’t a solution.

America is a capitalist society its very existence relies on the exchange of good and services. Over 50% of those goods and services are related to petrochemicals [Oil.] God didn’t create a perfect world and neither can man. Man can only utilize those things God provided to improve his lot on this earth. The make up of the earth and all it involves is far to complex for man to do more than scratch the surface. If it’s taken billions of years from the big bang to man landing on the moon then I doubt man is smart enough or dumb enough to destroy the earth and mankind in the next 50 or so years.

If God erred in creating man and allowing him to stand up straight rather than move around on four legs. The mistake was giving man a brain and fingers. Critters mark their territory by pissing on tree stumps, while man finds it necessary to use guns. Critters survive on what nature provides them and the rest they avoid, man insists on using it all even when it means changing it from what it was to what he / she wants it to be. Who’s better equipped to survive on this earth, [man of course] man is supposedly the smarter animal. God gave man limited intelligence so he could use all the bounty the earth posses, just not all at once. This is why God maintained jurisdiction over climate changes, there are some thing’s man isn’t equipped to handle.

Not to worry, God isn’t about to allow Al Gore and his ilk to destroy all his / her good works on a whim. I predict when Al Gore goes wherever Al Gore’s go, life on earth will be about the same as when he arrived.

Man needs to protect the environment but not at the cost of destroying civilization as we know it. We are constantly reminded America has problems, America doesn’t have problems it has politicians who create problems.

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