All we need is a little more compassion

By: Carolyn Hileman

There are some who say the only way to deal with illegal immigration is with compassion and understanding, they spend their time worrying that we are not treating detainees like the royalty they deserve, they cry amnesty, amnesty, just give them their citizenship. All the worlds’ problems would be solved if we will just allow them to become citizens. They worry that they will have their homes invaded, they worry they will be picked up at work and my God how can we separate them from their families.

Perhaps, they could spare a tear or two for 17 year old Clifton Loveday, who was shot in the head with a 38 caliber pistol, or Dustin Inman whose young life was snuffed out by a drunk driving illegal immigrant. Maybe they could wring their hands over the woman who was chained to an engine block for more than a week and only escaped by writing call 911 on the window.

Is it possible to show compassion to the people who have been harmed by this invasion and I dare anyone to argue that point simply because we did not send nearly as many men to invade Normandy as we have sitting in our country right now. Should Billy Inman be proud to have the ability to bury his son because he is an American and he has that wonderful opportunity? They repeat over and over how we have it all, how we have no hardships how we should just share, how we are the problem not them. Why if we would only allow them to be citizens there would be no more of these nasty raids and people would stop being so angry and the hate would cease. There would be no more reports of illegal immigrants killing people simply because they would no longer be illegal, the killing wouldn’t stop, the drunk driving would not stop only the reports that the person was in this country illegally.

Maybe we could extend this new found compassion to the murderers, the pedophiles, the prostitutes, the embezzlers, rapists, why we could even rename them, the murderers would be called undocumented exterminators, the pedophiles undocumented baby sitters, think about it the prostitutes would be undocumented stress relievers, the embezzlers undocumented accountants and the rapist could be undocumented sex therapists… Why if we just lower our standards we could end over crowding in prison, we could excuse anything anyone did including the 9/11 hijackers, after all they were just poor misguided souls who had lost their way and besides we wouldn’t want to call them criminals would we. With this new found compassion no child would ever be taken from its parents, we would excuse the cigarette burns and bruises and attempt to help the parents rehabilitate, never once daring to call them criminals only undocumented parents. Yes, we could have a utopia, Heaven on earth, we could all hold hands and sing, no one would be a criminal, no one would be incarcerated, and there would be no laws, just compassion, all we need is a little more compassion.

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
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