Christmas Greeting

By: Ken Hughes

Santa May Not Be Coming This Year

Rumor has it the ACLU has filed a class action law suit against Santa and the Reindeer. On behalf of PETA, Atheists, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, The Homeless, Liberals and the Al Gore Conspirators, the ACLU has filed their law suit prohibiting Santa from using the public airways to ply his trade on Christmas Eve. Among other complaints their contention is Reindeer farts add to global warming. They also complain reindeer crap may be mistaken by children for M&Ms.

The ACLU claims Santa is simply a front for Rich Republicans and is a means of stealing the hard earned welfare checks from the underprivileged. Included as co-defendants are Christian Ministers, Gift Wrapping Suppliers, Fruit Cake Bakers, China the great Gizmo Provider and God for getting this whole Christmas thing stated in the first place.

The ACLU has added a couple of hundred John Doe’s to the complaint just to cover all the bases.

If you hear bells and see a red light in the sky Christmas Eve it may not be Santa and Rudolf it may be the Governments Black Helicopter coming to get you and haul your Christian asses off to jail for not practicing a Politically Correct Holiday Season.

Marry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year.

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