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December 30, 2007

The Secret Scientific Debate On Global Warming

Filed under: Science & Technology - 30 Dec 2007

The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) gave a grim assessment of the impact of global climate change in a new report dated November 17, 2007. According to the Panel’s latest report, the build-up of carbon dioxide on Earth …

What Might Christmas Be Like Under President Hillary Clinton?

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 30 Dec 2007

When deciding whether or not to vote for Hillary Clinton next November, one should be mindful of how Christmas might change with a socialist, feminist, Mexi-nazi in the White House. Such changes might include the following:

Same Party, Different Style

Filed under: Elections & Voting,The Republicans - 30 Dec 2007

In Iowa, the Republican presidential race has come down to two former governors who offer caucus goers a stark choice. It’s the pulpit vs. the boardroom, poverty vs. privilege, passion vs. preparedness. Mike Huckabee loves homespun tales and self-deprecating jokes. …

Aching for An Oppressed Minority to Support? Think Mitt Romney!

Filed under: The Democrats,The Republicans - 30 Dec 2007

Bleeding heart types looking for a “minority cause” to advocate on behalf of in the 2008 presidential elections are torn between the candidacies of a woman, two African- Americans, a Hispanic, and a former mayor of Cleveland who is more …

Clinton’s Right-Hand Woman Scrambles for a Win in Iowa

Filed under: The Democrats - 30 Dec 2007

DES MOINES, Iowa — With snow and sleet pounding her hotel window, campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle dialed in to an early-morning strategy debate a few weeks ago among the top advisers of Hillary Clinton, who were bickering over stumbles …

The Church of Huck: Growing Government in the Name of Religion

Just for the record, I share Huck’s faith in Jesus Christ. Not only have I no problem with religion in public life, I also understand that one can’t really separate a person’s world view from his politics. The …

Hillary Clinton, “Elect Me & Lower Oil Prices”

I’m sure the statement Hillary Clinton made at the Manchester YWCA was made in the heat of the moment. “Elect me and oil prices will instantly drop!” Her comments were based on the assumption she would scare the oil producing …