Hillary Clinton, “Elect Me & Lower Oil Prices”

By: Ken Hughes

I’m sure the statement Hillary Clinton made at the Manchester YWCA was made in the heat of the moment. “Elect me and oil prices will instantly drop!” Her comments were based on the assumption she would scare the oil producing nations with the threat of America becoming oil independent with her inauguration to the presidency. In order for America to reach anywhere close to oil independence several things must happen time being the most important. One, oil exploration must be resumes in this country. Two, new refineries must be built in this country. Three, Americans must accept the new technologies in the automobile industries and beyond, These things aren’t going to happen overnight, first any changes would have to clear congress and that means convincing the majority of 535 elected officials it’s the right thing to do, and that isn’t likely to happen.

Desperate people often make desperate statements, Hillary Clinton is being challenged by Barrack Obama and for the first time in her short elective political career she’s concerned she may be vulnerable. As Bateman’s [Bill Clinton] Robin Hillary was always safe from direct accountability. Now that she’s in the hot seat she isn’t quite sure how to get around this challenge she’s facing. She may not have said what she’s reported to have said. She may have just been venting not thinking of the consequences.

I doubt the report in the Daily News is a direct quote or is the entire quote. Hillary Clinton is too clever a politician to put her foot that far into her mouth. On the other hand Hillary Clinton has been around the Media long enough to know what she can and can’t say and not be misquoted. To suggest America can scare an oil producing nation is ludicrous considering we can’t scare a few thousand illegal immigrants away from our boarders.

Hillary Clinton’s energy policy stretches out to the year 2050 not the day after inauguration. Much of what Hillary is basing her energy policy on is already in the pipeline. Assuming Hillary Clinton is elected president I’m sure she will learn as Nancy Pelosi has learned if you can’t lead a horse to water you can’t make it drink. Hillary will learn in short order the Clinton name no longer has the persona of its former owner. Congress has moved beyond the Bill Clinton years.

Many of the tings Hillary Clinton recommends in her energy policy are doable with the cooperation of congress and the American consumers. There is one thing I found amusing. Hillary is suggesting requiring the oil companies to pay billions of dollars to put themselves out of business. Think about that for a moment, all Oil Company’s money is generated from public consumption. Any tax on the oil company’s would come back on the consumers. As far as scaring oil companies the Pacific Rim Countries could take up any slack in oil production America would create. We Americans are not in a bargaining position as much as the politicians would like to have the public believe we are, we are in fact at the oil producers mercy.

Gasoline is only part of what’s extracted from a barrel of oil. Other more curtail things such as petrochemicals are a necessity in our trek into the 21st century. At present more than 50 % of the worlds economies are dependent on oil byproducts for its survival and that doesn’t include gasoline.

Once the necessity of survival overpowers the politics carbon deposits under the earths surface will power the world economies into the foreseeable future. Technology not legislation is the future of cleaning up earth’s atmosphere. In 1950 cars got 10 miles to the gallon, it cost $ 2.50 to drive 100miles, today cars get 25 miles to the gallon and it costs $ 12.00 to drive 100 miles. Wages were roughly $ 3.00 per hour in 1950 today average wages are in excess of $ 25.00 per hour, do the math cost wise nothing has changed in nearly 60 years. Comfort wise everything has changed.

Technology not politic is the future of Americas survival.

Regardless if the next president is Hillary Clinton or Rudi Giuliani or whomever the system will move on relatively unchanged despite all the promises being made by candidates in the coming election. Elected politicians come and go the bureaucracy is the engine that powers the government. Bureaucracies are the only thing we know of actually cast in stone. The thin outer layer of the bureaucracy may change from time to time but the base remains the same, unchanged and uncompromising

Looking back at 230 years of an experiment….. “We the People” governing ourselves The Untied States of America has done quite well. Let us pray the next 230 years go as well.


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