The Save Act – Who Will It Save?

By: Carolyn Hileman

As everyone knows the Save Act is supposed to be the be all end all solution to illegal immigration. I disagree. I believe it to be a backdoor way to allow illegal immigrants to live and move freely among unknowing American citizens. The save act just like everything else that is to good to be true looks really great until you read the fine print and yes I am aware I am going against the better judgment of some fine anti illegal immigrant groups by standing against this bill and since this is America they are entitled to their opinion as I am to mine, that being said I will explain just one of the reasons I am against the save act.

When is harboring an illegal immigrant not illegal? When you are a church and you say that illegal immigrant has been a member of your church. That is not true yet but will be the minute the save act passes. The save act does not at any time say that there must be any proof that the person they have in their church or car has been a member of their church for a year, so once again we are to accept known criminals words that they are not doing anything illegal. You and I both know that leaves a door open to a lot of creative ways to skirt the laws and get away with it. This is nothing more than another attempt to play both ends against the middle and a lot of people are falling for it.

Already we have seen some churches giving sanctuary to illegal immigrants and we have seen the power they carry from the White House on down. We have seen entire parishes sign papers stating they would disobey the law when it comes to illegal immigrants and now we are set to give them the greatest power they have ever had in this battle and assume that they will not stretch the truth a little to save one of their chosen few. I don’t think so, all we have heard for years is separation of church and state and now suddenly the church and state are standing hand in hand against the people and we are about to hand them the sword.

We had a priest long before this was ever an issue come up to us and ask my husband to say that he had a job for a Mexican man he had never even met, they wanted him to sign a paper that stated his company had a job waiting to be filled by this man he had never met, needless to say we were shocked and my husband said no, my husband told him he would see if his company was hiring, and he was told he really didn’t need to worry about that just produce a paper saying there was a job. I am sorry but they do not get special privileges, special rights in my book if it is illegal for you and I to harbor illegal immigrants it should be illegal for the churches as well… The churches have made it abundantly clear they are against the wishes of the people, they have called it inhumane to require these people to come to our country legally and I think we all know what is about to happen the minute this bill passes.

While they may not charge $2000.00 a head, they will get their payment by these grateful illegal immigrants every Sunday when they pass the plate. This is just one reason I refuse to back the save act and the main reason. By putting churches above the law they are allowing illegal immigrants to move freely amongst our people with no fear of deportation, this is inherently wrong. You can bet that they will have their congregations calling in favor of this bill and unless we start calling against it the church will have won and the illegal immigrants will have won and it will all be because no one bothered to read the fine print, the save act, who will it save?

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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