Its A Women’s Turn To Be President

By: Ken Hughes

This is what one of my liberal friends was arguing at a recent dinner I attended. My suggestion there were many minorities yet to take their turn at being president fell of deft ears. I made the decision to sit back and absorb the conversation without comment. The general argument was based entirely on only two minority groups, women and blacks. As the discussion progressed no one mentioned the candidate’s qualifications, i.e. previous accomplishments, position on current issues or any of the things a presidential candidate should be judged on. It became obvious to me there was a litmus test at least with this group and it was all about gender and color, qualifications didn’t seem to matter much.

Just when the conversation began to get interesting one of the women suggested politics and religion should never be discussed at the dinner table. A concept I have never understood, politics and religion are two of the most critical issues in our lives, and without discussion we become subservient to both religion and politics. I’ve determined those people who don’t wish to discuss politics and religion know very little about either and could care less.

I left the group bewildered and concerned, concerned there are voters out there willing to put there perceived social justice agenda before the welfare of the nation. Traditionally presidential candidates pander to their base with promises of gold at the [exit] of the polling booth. If anyone is concerned enough to make the effort to vote they are intelligent enough to know how empty a presidential candidate’s pre-election promises are. We are a nation of laws, laws that must pass the muster of 535 congressmen and women, the president and the Supreme Court. Presidents have very little wiggle room when it comes to presidential mandates and less making laws.

Previous experience tells me my dinner companions were not unique in their reasons for selecting a president. However they also know their dinner conversation isn’t going to influence their vote on Election Day. We know in the long run these people will vote their pocket books not their conscience

Republicans and Democrats are conversely motivated in their approach how to better prosper the nation. Republicans believe hard work and individual motivation are the keys to moving forward. Democrats are more inclined to share the wealth regardless of individual effort. Democrats see individual motivation as a [mental disease] that can be treated with special privileges such as food stamps and welfare checks. Liberal Democrats can’t stand the thought of money in the hands of the individual. All money has “The United States of America” imprinted / engraved on it and that makes it government property at least in the minds of Liberal Democrats.

There’s a great deal of hypocrisy in presidential races, they’re basically made up of a montage of promises that can never be kept. Our system of government prohibits presidential campaign promises from being kept. If it were possible for all campaign promises to be kept we’d be living in a monarchy and not a democracy. There’s perhaps no greater example of well meaning political arrogance than that of Nancy Pelosi proclaiming she as the first woman Speaker of the House would be able to sheppard the House of Representatives back to a house with meaning and a house of civility, and for as sincere and well meaning as Ms. Pelosi was and as hard as she tried she couldn’t turn a “sow’s ear into a silk purse” regardless how hard she worked on it.

We voters must be ever vigilante of Greeks baring false gifts, [minority candidates] for fear it will come back to haunt us with a price we can’t afford to pay. There should be no problem with minorities running for president unless they use their minority status as an advantage in obtaining votes beyond the norm. A president should be a person dedicated to all the needs of all the people and not just one segment of the population. No minority exceeds 25 % of the population, [with the exception of women and they can’t be considered a minority] therefore minorities are in the minority and shouldn’t control the vote. No special interest exceeds 25% of the population and shouldn’t be able to control the vote.

The founding fathers understood the threat of banded block votes and established the Electoral College system to prevent the possibility of block voting for a president. Simply put it means Uncle Homer and Aunt Sadie Nudnik of Pigsnout Kansas have the same rights in selecting a president as Bill and Hillary Clinton from Chappaquiddick New York.

For as fragile as it is this Democratic Republic concept of a government “Of the People, For the People and By The People” is without a doubt the finest system ever contrived in the minds of man. Otherwise why would the world be beating down our doors to get in?

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