Iraq Peace at Last – Anbar Model Working

By: Lance Winslow

While all the political liberal pundits were busy Bush Bashing and claiming that Iraq was out of control, something very interesting happened. Violence has slowed to a trickle, folks are moving back and it appears stability and peace maybe finally on the march. How have things turned around so drastically recently?

It appears that using the Anbar Model, and using a grid approach and setting up “Mobile neighborhood watch patrols” (google it), is the right way to continue the quest to stabilize things. Apologies from the Democrats is in order and we should thank our troops for a Job well done.

Apparently, President Bush and the very maligned General David Petraeus, were right. In fact. my own brother just got back from Iraq, he was in the Anbar Province, went on patrols, and I can tell you this, During Thanksgiving he assured us that things are a lot better. I met some Marines in Twenty Nine palms same story.

The media has trashed this nation long enough, the Democrats have echo’ed anti-American sentiment only second to Al Jazeera, if you are a voter and you care about this Great Nation, The Greatest Nation Ever Created in the History of Mankind, then you need to know the Truth.

We should tell the Democrats running for President to stop trashing this nation, our President and our Generals. It is disgusting the treatment of our team, as we work to mellow out one really difficult region of the World. An apology is indeed, owed by Biden, Obama, Dobbs and the others who have manufactured comments to discredit our nation, President and team.

Iraq, should not be used a political soccer ball, rather our entire nation should unite in the common cause of winning the peace. Something Serious to Contemplate in 2008.

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