None of the above.

By: Carolyn Hileman

It is only a few more days until 2008 and the real vying for our votes begin, I hate to inform most of you that want me to vote for you’re candidate but at this point my vote would be for none of the above. I am not the only one with that stance as one of my uncles whom I have forgiven for being a die hard democrat is thinking of voting for none of the above also. Maybe it is because none of the above does not need to try and sound like all the other candidates because None of the above can and will do what most of them can and will do and does not need to lie about it. Most of you know I will not vote democrat and from what I have heard from my friends and family who are they are not voting for any of them simply because they fear a vote for them is a vote for illegal immigration, they are right of course and I hope they stick by their guns on this one.

First of all I will not vote for Huckabee mainly because of his past stance on illegal immigration and his name. Dear God if we thought the jokes about Bush were bad what do you think they can do to a name like that? Then we have Mitt, who honestly has a name like that and I am sorry but he just looks to clean cut for me, and the going to Dallas to respond to criticism of his religion, you sir are no John Kennedy and to be honest if I thought you were worth anything I really would not have cared what your religion was. Duncan Hunter seems interesting although I have not heard much from or about him lately and he will need press if he plans on winning. There are some questions I would like answered by him such as if he is so border control, why is California is pretty much taken over by illegal immigrants? Fred, I loved you on Law and Order and I think you left just in time to save your reputation since they have gone overboard on their liberal BS but I need some straight answers. Ruddy, you know we love you but the fact of the matter is New York was a sanctuary city on 9/11, you cannot change facts and attacking everyone else rather than admitting your mistakes is a liberal stance and this conservative wants none of it.

Ron Paul is another subject altogether, this is a man who could not find it in himself to vote to congratulate our troops on a job well done. A simple vote that really meant nothing to anyone except maybe that man or woman in Iraq defending our freedom and he couldn’t do it, now he has even said Lincoln didn’t need to go to war and I am want to know when he deems a war necessary? Ron Paul is a Libertarian in republican clothes and his values are very closely aligned to them, he supported HR3037, to legalize industrial hemp, voted no on military border patrols, This is taken from the Libertarian party web site, The Libertarian Party has long recognized the importance of allowing free and open immigration, understanding that this leads to a growing and more prosperous America. Ron Paul became a republican when he figured out that a third party had a slim to none chance of winning elections, but Ron Paul for all his talk and sudden changes is still in his heart and libertarian open borders advocate and always will be.

So there you have it, I am sure I missed someone, but just once I would like a real leader. I want some one who rather than stick their finger in the air to decide which way the wind is blowing can take that finger and direct this country in the way it should go. I do not want one who is afraid to mention God or who feels he must explain away his relationship to him, if he has a real one he won’t be ashamed to act that way and will not feel the need to explain his actions. I want a leader who puts America and her people first and foremost, I want one who does what the people of America wants and does not need to ask all the other countries what is best for us. I am sick and tired of settling for the better of two bad choices, I want someone who is not going to run up the national debt by implementing a national health care plan that we the tax payers will pay for and more than likely will not benefit from. I want someone who will tell the national media to go to hell and be the person they are not what they think will look good on the news. I don’t want smart answers I want the truth, I want a secure border, I don’t want empty promises that you alone cannot keep. I want to drill for our own oil and the spotted owl be damned. But until the day when we have a candidate that wants to be honest with the people and stop hiding behind the safe issues or copying what the others are saying and doing then I say we need to vote for None of the above.

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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