The Olympics, China’s Next Step Forward

By: Ken Hughes

The CPC [The Chinese Peoples Communist Party] aka PRC [Peoples Republic of China] took control of the mainland Chinese government under the leadership of Mao Zedong in 1949. China is a country of many cultures, languages and political beliefs. Chairman Mao held the country together by bruit force and intimidation. In 1959 Chairman Mao seceded power and the Great Leap Forward began. The new leaders of China were determined to make China one of the worlds most powerful and influential nations. They knew only a free market society could make it happen.

My first trip to China was in 1949 shortly after the Communists took control. My second Trip was in 1988 when the PRC and the Taiwanese governments reached economic agreements. The differences were astonishing. It was obvious the Chinese government was going to do whatever it took to equal or surpass the United States in International influence. In order for China to compete with the United States in the international markets they needed to adopt the same capitalist system. However they aren’t allowing the same liberties to their citizens the United States allows. China still keeps a tight control on everything that goes on within the country while managing a pseudo capitalist economy.

Image [Face] is very important in the Orient, Orientals aren’t necessarily more honest than other cultures around the world but the presumption of honesty must be preserved at all times. The Chinese Government is going to any lengths spend any amount of money necessary to make the coming Olympics a success. China is determined to make this Olympics the most spectacular in the history of all Olympic Games.

The international business community knows Chinas capabilities. It’s the worlds consuming public who views China as mere Wal Mart Box Boys. Most of the world has acknowledged Chinas new found industrialization as a matter for fact the American consumer hasn’t they see China much as they saw Japan for years as providers of cheap junky merchandise. In 1988 I was sitting in a hotel coffee shop in Hong Kong discussing the new Taiwanese / Chinese alliance with a German Business man stationed in Singapore. I recall his exact words,” They can only get better they can’t get any worse” meaning the Chinese, a fact that proves to be true every day.

Perhaps it’s time for the American public to realize, it’s no longer American leading and the rest of the world. Now it needs to be America joining hands with the rest of the world on an equal base. If we don’t adopt a new attitude toward the rest of the world we are going to get run over. I’m not sure the American attitude regarding other cultures is arrogance as much as simply misunderstanding. We’re a proud nation, we’re a prosperous nation. It all comes from the immigrants who come to us with their expertise and enthusiasm dating back as far as Colonial days. America’s success is a benefit of other countries misfortunes. America has unwittingly taken their best and brightest from them and now it is passing the fruits of their labor back to them which certainly must account for some of the embarrassment they feel.

It’s no wonder national like China, India, Japan and others are working so diligently to match the accomplishments of America in any way possible.

The Olympics are one way for China to showcase their new found achievements to the world. To prove they are once again a great nation equal to any on earth. China isn’t trying to bury America they are simply trying to prove they are equal and deserve recognition as an economic equal on the world stage. Perhaps its time the average American realizes we are neither the great satin nor the masters of the earth we are just one more country trying to survive.

Maybe its time to kick back chill out and give the rest world a chance to catch up. It isn’t necessary for Americans to be paranoid if they aren’t out front in every parade. Second or third isn’t such a bad place to be. Let’s let China have their 15 minutes of fame.

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