Sarah Palin, The Pit Bull Wearing Lipstick.

By: Ken Hughes

I was surprised and pleased as I watched the first night of the Republican Convention. It was refreshing to listen to these people concentrate on what America has been, [is] and will be in the future rather than spend time demeaning Democrats. The opening night there wasn’t any mention of Democrats until Joe Lieberman a Democrat spoke if I’m not mistaken he was the only speaker to mention Barack Obama by name. Beyond that it was all about the candidates McCain and Palin and not political parties.

When John McCain stepped out of the Washington congressional pool for a running mate he proved he was a man of vision. Either that or he read the tea leaves and realized this campaign had too many from congress in it already. Traditionally congressional candidates aren’t successful as presidential candidates. They’re viewed as elitists. McCain became aware of this and wisely chose a running mate as far removed from Washington as possible. I doubt McCain knew how his selection of Governor Sarah Palin would ignite his campaign to the extent it has.

There’re times when events can only be credited to divine intervention. Perhaps God saw McCain wasn’t inspiring the voters so he / she stepped in and gave McCain the necessary advantage of Sarah Palin. This isn’t sacrilegious if Democrats can accuse God of creating hurricanes to foil the Republican Convention then its only fair we Republicans counter with the true intentions of a people loving God.

The Media and Democrats are playing with fire attacking Sarah Palin’s personal life. Palin is becoming the darling of America, she’s who every mother hopes their daughters will grow up to emulate, an exceptionally average girl with just the right number of warts to be human. Democrats in cooperation with the media are setting Barack Obama up to run against Sarah Palin, leaving McCain and Biden as advisories. Democrats will challenge who they think is the stronger Republican candidate. Sarah Palin is the object of the moment, Palin is America’s new hero by the time it dawns on the Democratic campaign is only for the moment. However if they continue the attacks they’ll have lost their advantage, they’ll have established Sarah Palin as a serious player in the game of national politics and will set Obama up to run against Palin not McCain.

Had Democrats been smart rather than going after Sarah Palin personally they should have said “Sarah Who” and left it at that.

Sara Palin epitomizes what the public’s looking for in the modern politician. Conned voters are a thing of the past the internet has brought many of the average person’s thoughts to the forefront. The new age information is informing in ways it never has before, Talk Radio, Cable News programming all of these and a more informed public will create a new day for the way politics is practiced in the future. The vast array of information available is making voters question if promises are more meaningful than performance.

The 2008 Republican Convention was unusual in a number of respects. The format concentrated on what America can do in the future is everyone pulls together. The theme of the convention went out of its way to say economic prosperity comes from the people up not from the government down. If the 2008 Republican convention is an example of the New Reformed Republican Party the next step is to rid the party of the old boys occupying congressional seats in perpetuity. The 21 century needs men and women serving the public who understand modern technologies.

Democrats haven’t learned the era of big business, big unions and big government are rapidly disappearing. In today’s economies the small independent business man and woman provide the majority of the new jobs. The world is changing and liberalism the heart of the Democratic Party philosophy has failed in every country it’s been tried. Only two nations and one political party still embrace socialism as a national policy, Cuba, North Korea and Democrats.

Unregulated Governments are parasites that pray on the public. Like a cancer the more they’re allowed to flourish the larger they grow. When they run out of ideas they turn to charismatic leadership to [WoW] the voters. The presidency of the United States should be about the qualification of leadership not personality.

Listening to Media pundits critiquing Sarah Palin’s speech this evening it’s obvious they just don’t get it. In the eyes of the Media Sarah Palin isn’t an insider so she isn’t qualified regardless of her accomplishments as a Mayor and Governor. She took on an imbedded corrupt political machine and beat them. How many in Washington politics have done that? Most men in politics would fall on their knees and thank God for the legislative record Sarah Palin’s built up.

I have visions of Sarah Palin mopping up the floor with Mr. Glib [Joe Biden.] Joe Biden has a propensity to be compromising to anyone he feels less than his equal. There’s no question Biden will underestimate the pretty little girl from small town Alaska who’s never been accepted into Washington Society. Watch your [six] Joe you’re about to get a chunk bit out by a Pit Bull wearing lipstick.

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