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January 13, 2008

Requiem for Hillary Clinton: “Big Girls Don’t Cry!”

Filed under: The Democrats - 13 Jan 2008

Hillary Rodham Clinton had already finished ordering her stylish inaugural gowns for balls and victory celebrations still more than a year away. Final specs were in place for a domestic spying network that would immediately sound an alarm on …

The Plastic Lady

Filed under: Politics In General - 13 Jan 2008

The pundits were writing Plastic Lady’s epitaph,
Pointing to lines going down on a graph.
She had a bad finish out west a little ways;
To socialist Utopians, it was the end of days.

McCain Victory Built on War Experience

Filed under: Elections & Voting,The Republicans - 13 Jan 2008

Orson Swindle, a Vietnam veteran who spent two years in a cell with John McCain when they were prisoners of war, made that comment last weekend as surging crowds and polls indicated Sen. McCain was pulling to the front of …

Our Lawless Nation Of Laws

Filed under: Immigration,Our Laws - 13 Jan 2008

Our nation is a nation of laws, and our people follow them. At least that is what they say, but is it true? Or have we gone to the other extreme where just about anything can be forgiven if …

Race Is Fluid As Vote Shifts To Big States

Filed under: Elections & Voting - 13 Jan 2008

Now the 2008 presidential-nominating race goes national, with no clear front-runner in either party and a whole range of new issues and constituencies that will play a big role in coming weeks in determining which candidates face off for the …

McCain, Clinton Bounce Back

NASHUA, N.H. — New Hampshire voters jolted the presidential nomination race, giving Republican Sen. John McCain a much-needed victory and, in an upset, handing Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton a win that revives her campaign after her loss in Iowa.

Tears or No Tears, Hillary Clinton Still Dangerously Close to Presidency

Presidential hopeful Senator Hillary Clinton once again displayed how she can talk out of both sides of her mouth depending on whom she’s addressing. For example, in New York City, Senator Clinton in a blatant her attempt to re-invent herself, …