Our Lawless Nation Of Laws

By: Carolyn Hileman

Our nation is a nation of laws, and our people follow them. At least that is what they say, but is it true? Or have we gone to the other extreme where just about anything can be forgiven if you have a good excuse for it?

Take for instance illegal immigration. The very term itself speaks to the fact that these people are doing something illegal, but since they can say they are only trying to better their lives it is excused, renamed and even somewhat protected behavior we are to be compassionate and understand that what these people are going through. It does not matter that what they did was wrong it is the reason they did it. Kind of reminds me of my oldest son, that boy was in trouble from the day he came out of the womb, I love him dearly but some times he made it impossible always getting into something and then we like the good parents we thought we were would ask him why he did that, he would never give a good enough answer so he either was spanked or was sent to his room to figure out why he did it.

It was not long until we realized that by sending him to his room to figure out why he did it we were giving him the opportunity to excuse his bad behavior, thus he thought he could do what ever he wanted and if he came up with a good enough excuse he could get by. About that time we stopped caring why he did it we just punished him for doing it, end of story, no dramatics, no long drawn out discussion just a whacks to the bottom and sent him on his way. Things changed after that he became much better behaved and we are actuarially to the point we have a lot of discussions and he believe it or not is very discipline oriented. Thus is our country, we are so busy wanting to know why someone does something that we forget to punish them for doing it. And even if we punish them for doing something illegal we have those who will stand there and say that is inhumane. Of course the fact that the illegal immigrant came here and stole someone’s ID, used it to get a job and credit is not inhumane and as long as we have companies that can help that American get their life back it is excusable.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court tried to rule on whether or not death by lethal injection was humane, yes that is right someone who more than likely killed someone in cold blood is worried that he might be in pain if they inject him and he would like to die with dignity. You got to love it, here we have someone who we know for a fact has killed someone who simply because he isn’t man enough to take what he dishes out is going to hold up all executions until the Supreme Court can decide whether we should care if this man dies with dignity or not. Believe it or not they were split yesterday, that means until someone decides to do unto him what he did unto another not one person will be executed. I am sorry but this should not even be an issue, since when does a so-called nation of laws tie up the Supreme Court over a bunch of people who cannot take what they dish out? We have come to the point it really does not matter if we are a nation of laws because no one is following them and no one is bothering to do anything about it.

The people who are following the laws are most often the people who are hurt, robbed or killed and then we must suffer through watching what few laws we have left being destroyed by people who really have no stake in the matter but they want everyone to know they care more than we do. Everyone wants to appear to be caring and compassionate and some people go overboard to do so, standing outside a prison where someone is about to be executed with signs saying thou shalt not kill, while they get ready to take their girl friend to the clinic for an abortion. Funny thing is that sign does not apply to abortion and it did not apply to the person who killed another who is sitting on death row, but my aren’t we the compassionate one. We can’t spare a second on the innocent, the ones who never committed a single crime, the ones that were injured or killed, no we must forgive the fallen while ignoring the ones who really need the support, those who have been injured. And thus it is in our lawless nation of laws.

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Voice


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