Liberal Guilt Trumps Common Sense: New Jersey Apologizes for Slavery

By: John Lillpop

In a gesture designed to temper liberal guilt without accomplishing much of anything else, New Jersey became the first northern state to formally apologize for slavery.

State legislators did so by passing a resolution which expresses “profound regret” for New Jersey’s participation in the practice of slavery.

The resolution states that in New Jersey, “the vestiges of slavery are ever before African-American citizens, from the overt racism of hate groups to the subtle racism encountered when requesting health care, transacting business, buying a home, seeking quality public education and college admission, and enduring pretextual traffic stops and other indignities.”


Although not specifically cited in the resolution, Democrats in New Jersey also privately blame slavery for global warming, AIDS, erectile dysfunction, the Ronald Reagan presidency, the inept FEMA response to hurricane Katrina, and the scandalous persecution of black athletes Barry Bonds, O.J. Simpson, and Michael Vick.

Never mind that 65,000 Americans lost their lives in a bloody civil war fought nearly 150 years ago to settle the issue of slavery. Forget also that no one living in America today has ever been a slave holder or an actual slave.

The point is that New Jersey has postured itself for national acclaim from the liberal media when America celebrates Martin Luther King Day on January 21. And presidential aspirant Barack Obama can now point with pride to New Jersey as a prime example of how righteous “change” can heal America!

The New Jersey apology could even signal the start of a radical movement to make reparations a national priority. For example, right after being sworn in on January 20, 2009, President Obama could follow the New Jersey model and demand that Congress immediately allocate $300 billion for reparations, funded by a corresponding cut in the defense budget.

As his second official act, President Obama could then call for a 35 percent tax increase on the rich to pay for an urgently needed invasion of Pakistan.

All things considered, New Jersey legislators would have been better off apologizing for their leftist whack job, Governor Jon Corzine.

During his short time in office, Corzine has managed to raise property taxes, sign legislation to ban the death penalty, endorse Hillary Clinton for U.S. president, and otherwise create widespread havoc and discontent in the Garden State.

Governor Corzine also damn near lost his life because he was not wearing a seat belt when his SUV was involved in 100-miles-per-hour accident en route to a public impaling of radio icon Don Imus last April.

Forget slavery and racial politics. For those who really care, the reckless and dangerous incompetence of Governor Jon Corzine should cause any and all New Jersey citizens who voted for the man to express “profound regret” for participating in the death of common sense in their state.

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