Mexican Incursions Into U.S. Spur Inaction From Dubya

By: John Lillpop

Startling new information secured by Judicial Watch documents the fact that Mexican military and other officials have staged 29 incursions into America over the past 12 months.


In 17 of the incursions, the Mexicans were armed.

Can you imagine? An armed invasion of these great United States without either a whimper or complaint from the dunderheads charged with defending our nation?

In fact, George W. Bush is so concerned that he has retreated to the middle east on a “peace mission.”

Dubya on a peace mission?

That’s akin to having Nancy Pelosi address the NRA in order to rally support for the second amendment. Or Harry Reid touring Iraq to assure U.S. ground troops that America is winning the war.

But perhaps the American people are actually better off with Dubya consigned to the most dangerous region in the world?

Who knows, maybe Dubya can talk Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert into adopting an “open borders” policy that will allow millions of suicide bombers to invade Israel, to do work (blow up buses, shops, etc.) that persnickety Jews will simply not do?

A middle east version of his idiotic “Mexicanization” policy that has damn near ruined America?

With just slightly more than 365 days left for the “Worst President” in history; Dubya will have to consider a different approach should his peace mission fail.

Here’s food for thought for the Dubyamester: Why not invade Mexico, take over their oil fields, imprison all of their corrupt elitist billionaires and politicians, and hand out their treasury to the 38 million criminals who have invaded America? Provided, that is, that the illegal aliens return to Mexico forever.

Dubya could even skim oil profits off the top and send said profits to the U.S. treasury for distribution to rich and powerful Americans desperately in need of more tax cuts.

How do you say win-win in Spanish?

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