Is Obama’s “Audacity of Hope” a Fairy Tale?

By: John Lillpop

Former president Bill Clinton fancies himself to be America’s First Black President and promotes that notion whenever the opportunity arises.

The idea is to sell Clinton as that rare breed of Caucasian who understands and empathizes with African-Americans as if he were black himself.

It has also been a cynical ploy to keep black voters as the exclusive domain of the Democrat party, and, more specifically, the private property of the Clinton family.

But in his recent attempt to stifle Barack Obama, Bill Clinton demonstrated precious little understanding of or empathy for black people when he termed Obama’s campaign a “fairy tale.”

That remark, loaded with subtle racism, was meant to remind African-Americans of their “proper place” in American society. Roughly translated, it means, “The idea that a person with black genes could be elected U.S. president is a fairy tale.”

In effect, Bill Clinton was declaring himself to be the only “black” who could actually be considered presidential timber.

Or an even more sinister rendering: “Black candidates, especially those with Muslim names, are unelectable, regardless of how clean and articulate.”

At which point, desperate blacks would be referred to the candidacy of Hillary as the only viable hope for African-Americans.

All of which begs the question:

Which is the greater fairy tale–Bill Clinton’s blackness, or Barack Obama’s “Audacity of Hope”?

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