We Must Support Our Injured Military Veterans

By: Lance Winslow

Not long ago, I had an interesting email conversation with a traumatic brain injury survivor and he reminded me of the importance of supporting our men and women who have been injured in serving our country. Indeed, we should all support our military veterans in their time of need. There are many Iraq Conflict soldiers and marines coming back with injuries from shrapnel – caused by IEDs.

The other night I listened to a passionate speaker on Coast-to-Coast AM talk radio about helping Soldiers from Iraq with injuries recoup. We must take these issues seriously and all of us must support our troops. Coming from a military family myself, I very much agree with their passion, mission and strength of character, it is exactly what folks who go thru hell need to hear – we care and we will be here for you.

Many of these folks survive their injuries and go on to do great things, as that which does not kill us makes us stronger – adversity builds character. Shouldn’t we match their character and support them? Listen to this brain injury survivor story:

I sustained an open skull fracture with right frontal lobe damage and remained in a coma for 3 weeks, I underwent brain and skull surgery after waking from the coma. Follow-up cognitive and psyche / social testing revealed that I would not be able to succeed academically, back then Neurological Rehabilitation was not available to me, so I had to teach myself how to walk, talk, read, write and speak in complete sentences.

Today this real life brain injury survivor is helping others get thru their tough times, and he shows us just how important it is for us to support our troops coming home who have injuries. His motto is so befitting and is a testament of his will to survive and thrive, we owe it to ourselves to keep his vision alive.

Learn More more about the realities of brain trauma, and what some of our military soldiers are dealing with:



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