Will immigrants once again do a job Americans are to lazy to do?

By: Carolyn Hileman

You see it in the news every single day, republicans and democrats alike pandering to the immigrant population and in most cases only giving a nod to our concerns. The simple fact of the matter is they do not expect that we lazy Americans will get out and vote, they think that in order to win they must play to the immigrant bases and one must wonder if they are right. I know the last few elections have been a disappointment; I know we put a lot of effort into getting Bush elected only to find out later that he to would rather cater to the immigrants. But we are facing a battle that we can win; we can if we just get out in numbers and vote. Some Americans in the last election attempted to show their anger at the fact that no one was dealing with illegal immigration by staying home and refusing to vote, we ended up with democrats trying to shove amnesty down our throats at every single turn, I would think that we would not want to make that mistake again.

Now I know you are thinking I am just one vote, one little vote what difference can I make? Well let me tell you when we were fighting the amnesty bills a lot of people were asking themselves the same question, then we found out that our one phone call or email turned into thousands of phone calls and emails and that our one phone call was a part of shutting down the senate phone lines and we felt the power of one. We each have only one vote it is true, but if we each do our civic duty and cast that one vote for a candidate that will secure our borders and enforce existing laws, then our one vote becomes one million votes, two million votes and so on until our voices are heard so loud and clear across this land that no candidate would dare ignore us again.

Do not wait until November to have your voice heard because if you do, then the immigrants will have chosen your candidates for you. The fact that there is no clear front runner in the last few elections proves that this election is far from over and anybody still running has a chance to be nominated so get out there and vote for the man or woman you want to see on that ticket. We have worked to hard and to long to turn our vote over to the immigrant population, I have no problem with them voting but I also know that there is a very big push to make a lot of people citizens so that they can take over our elections and I for one am not about to sit idly by while they legalize people for the sole purpose of voting so that they can undo every single thing we have worked so hard for.

We need every single person to vote, if you are not registered get that way and soon, study the candidates find the one whom you believe will do what it is we have been fighting so hard for, go to the rallies and ask the hard questions, things like if elected will you pardon the border patrol agents, What is your definition of amnesty, will you veto things like SCHIPS, and the dream act if they cross your desk, ask the tough questions because we need to know what their answer is. Most of all vote, in the primaries and in the National election, we have the future in our hands right now, we have a chance to make a very loud statement and if we do not jump at this opportunity they will. Or will immigrants once again do a job Americans are to lazy to do?

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Voice


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