The Other Foot

By: Bob Parks

Under normal circumstances, this election cycle would be gearing up for the coming explosion. We’d be waiting for the inevitable. At some point in the coming weeks, a Republican would be accused of being a racist.With that, it’s kind of fun watching the media scratch their collective oversized, dandruffed heads, contemplating why the current Democrat primary race is being plagued by the very infection normally reserved for their enemies.

Democrats now have the shoe on their other foot. They have spent decades honing their skills, planting race IEDs on the sides of the Republican campaign trail, waiting for some unsuspecting conservative candidate to set off a race controversy. Every speech, every appearance, every word uttered from a Republican’s mouth was dissected in search for the intolerance ammunition to be used for Democrat blaxploitation.

It’s not news that Democrats have used blacks for their political benefit. Blacks have been told they are victims of racism. Blacks have been intentionally kept angry because of the lack of campaign promised improvements in their lives. Blacks have been conditioned to look at every syllable uttered by a Republican and insert a racist motive where one didn’t exist. Blacks have been strategically rendered as ultra-sensitive as a bone bruise on the shin.

While Democrats knew where all the bombs were planted, never in their wildest dreams did they think they would forget how to disarm them.

In what were probably typical retorts between candidates, the Clintons are now experiencing the angst caused when their words have been reinterpreted, motives have been assumed, and the unintentional has now been taken as the ingrained.

While the Clintons are probably not racist people, they now have to spend valuable campaign time attempting to convince a portion of our population that they’re not. My only question to them is, “How does it feel?”

When the Democrats created those infamous radio ads in St. Louis in 1996 saying that a Republican president would bring more church burnings and rapes of the sistas, they probably considered themselves geniuses, while thanking their lucky stars that they have a segment of the electorate that would eat that up every two years.

When one of those race bombs went off, the Democrats were never content in the damage caused. The remaining explosives were always left for another day. The bombs are still lying in the road and the Democrats know they will keep going off as they drive by. As they’ve never had to disarm them before, they are in a bit of a quandary.

By the way, while the Republicans know they will soon have to travel down Race Street, for now, they can sit back and watch with a smile while the Democrats partially clear the road.

Can the Democrats bury the hatchet with Black people? They will try, however they’ve done a great job over the years convincing Black people that any overtures of apology are always too little, too late. Blacks have been conditioned to play the race card right up until Election Day and beyond.

So the mainstream media can spend all the time and kilobytes pondering how the Democrats, and Clintons specifically, got themselves into this situation. They can offer up all their suggestions on how Hillary and Bill can make nice with the African American community.

Incidentally, the media never offers up such suggestions after a Republican is effectively set up. Deep down inside, liberals love watching Blacks crucify Republicans. But they now can’t down enough OxyContin to ease the pain of the bear trap they’ve stepped on. Should they be able to free themselves, the deep wound will take a long time to heal, and the predictions that Hillary would be a “polarizing” figure have become reality.

However that polarization has manifested itself into a mini-race war between Democrat whites and Blacks. Hillary now knows how tough, if not impossible, it is to give back the race card once it’s been drawn, and any attempt by Democrats to deflect the anger towards Republicans won’t work. Democrats have fed racism blood to liberal Blacks for way too long, and once they smelled it, the bloodlust has never had to be turned off.

It will be fun to watch the attempt, as that may be an inadvertent roadmap for Republicans. The race card will be aimed at Republicans at some point, and knowing how to discard it will be invaluable.

Until then, it will be fun for some of us to watch the Democrats eat themselves alive. Republicans are doing the right thing by not allowing themselves to be drawn into the bloodletting.

The shoe is on the other foot.

The chickens are coming home to roost.

Payback’s a bitch.

However you may want to depict the current Democrat race dilemma, maybe (just maybe) they’ll be very careful in the future when they do decide to imply the (R) behind conservative’s names stand for “racist”.

In the meantime, who cares about the Writers strike? The Black-on-Democrat crime scene is now the best entertainment any conservative could ask for. However, this program will have a message. Let’s see if the Democrats pick it up.

Bob Parks is a member/writer for the National Advisory Council of Project 21, Senior Writer for the New Media Journal, VP of Marketing and Media Relations/Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, VP of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, and commentator for the Intel Radio Network.

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