And The Exit Pools Predict … Ooops

By: Ken Hughes

Time and time again the polls are proving to be wrong and yet the media clings to them as though they were a crystal ball. After the first caucus in Iowa the MSM choose Huckabee and Obama as the nominees. The media pundits as much as suggested the rest of the candidates could all go home. Indecision has gone on through Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, Nevada and South Carolina. Wyoming showed the only positive performance and the media didn’t count it. This media mish-mash will continue until Super Tuesday when a cross section of the country has an opportunity to vote when votes not polls count.

The Clintons are getting nasty. Bill Clinton has accused the Las Vegas Culinary Union of racial profiling. This makes absolutely no sense the city of Las Vegas is a cross section of colors and ethnic heritages. I doubt Bill Clinton can make a case for his wife being racially targeted because she’s a white woman. It should have been obvious in 2000 and 2004 the Clinton mystique was wearing thin. After the 2000 election it should have been obvious to any astute political annalist urban America wasn’t in charge. Flyover America was about to have their say. As a group Americas outside the beltway have the means of making the difference in elections. That was the wisdom in the founding fathers creating the Electoral College to assure fairness of one man one vote not one group one vote.

Each voter makes his or her choice based on what they believe their chosen candidate stands for. As the process goes forth many voters change their minds, some more than once and for a number of reasons other than just being in support of the winning candidate. The media demands too much of our candidates then blame the public when they aren’t perfect. There’s no room in a campaign for a slip of the tongue, the slightest stumble is often enough to sink a candidate’s campaign and the Media makes sure of this.

I’m very involved in Republican politics in my state and I have yet to hear anyone who is seriously opposed to Mitt Romney’s Mormon Religion. Perhaps this is because my area of the state in predominantly Catholic and many remember JFK getting the same treatment when he ran for president. And many realize Harry Reid the leader of the Senate is also a Mormon and he hasn’t yet suggested moving the seat of government to Salt Lake City.

No one knows why but for as civility in campaigns they start out playing nice and eventually end with unfounded allegations and accusations of insignificant conduct the opposing candidates supposedly did while playing in the sand box in kindergarten class. Most of what’s thrown at candidates doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. Perhaps the reason for all the hostility is because if elected they’re all promising the same things. One makes a commitment and the rest are going to do the same thing only better, faster and cheaper. The public knows when it comes to a politicians promise there’s no such thing as [better, faster and cheaper.]

Super Tuesday is coming and those 20 plus states will determine the final outcome of the primaries and caucus of who the candidates will be not and before. The media is usually more accurate predicting the weather than predicting political races.

So far the political experts haven’t done very well with their predictions. Obama was supposed to have a lock on South Carolina, Huckabee was assured he would take South Carolina and Nevada. The media hasn’t given Mitt Romney much chance and yet he’s won the most states to date. Polls and pundits aren’t very reliable in determining the publics wishes, never have been and never will be.

After Super Tuesday when some 20 states vote for their choices for both parties then we can all sit back and say ………“I told you so.”

Wednesday after Super Tuesday will the day when the fun begins. That will be the day the brown stuff hits the fan. There will be unfounded allegations by the losers, and defensive excuses by the winners. Who knows there may even be a law suite or two before the nominations have been officially announced.

The real change in Washington isn’t going to come because a new president is elected. Real change must come from congress and their bipartisan bickering. Hopefully enough old congressmen and women will be defeated and resign and new ones elected that change will come by elections and attrition. This country needs a government run by men and women who can get along and negotiate compromises on behalf of its people not politics. The only way to shake up the statuesque is to remove many of the current malcontents from office. Another solution is term limits for both houses of congress to assure this dictatorial attitude won’t happen in the future.

Voting for the right person for president is important. Voting for the right people for congress is CRUCIAL Washington and not the Presidency is what’s broken.

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