Can Congress Accept Hillary’s Socialist Agenda

By: Ken Hughes

Senator Clinton laid out her proposals for what she believes to be the governments roll in controlling the markets as well as public habits. It’s her contention government can do a better job than private business in growing the economy. Senator Clinton thinks the middle class and the supposed underprivileged should share equally with the movers and shakers regardless of effort Senator Clinton believes government jobs enhance productivity and afford more opportunity for the underemployed. No mention of where the government will get the money to pay the bill.

History doesn’t support the Senators theory. Franklyn Roosevelt tried and failed extending what should have been a relatively short recession in to a decade long catastrophe. Every Communist Government has failed when they attempted to control their economies without private investment. The nature of politicians doesn’t allow for limited government control, to a politician it’s all or nothing.

Mr. David Leonhardt published an extensive analysis of an interview with Senator Clinton in the New York Times, January 21, 2008 Senator Clintons agenda, If she’s elected it could have just as well came from Hugo Chavez. Her plans for America differ only slightly from Sr. Chavez’s plans for Venezuela. Senator Clinton is doing her best to turn a [silk purse into a sow’s ear.] Economic conditions hosted by George Bush have improved by 10 over those of former President Bill Clinton.

Al Qaeda though not defeated has been held in check by Bush Military efforts. Bin Laden hasn’t ventured out of his hideout cave recently, he’s become a none issue. Troops Bill Clinton sent to the Balkans are still there, there’s still a UN presence in Haiti and Mogadishu is still ruled by War Lords, which only goes to prove presidents can’t snap their fingers and get the world to sit up and bark. Should Senator Clinton be successful in her bid for the Whitehouse she will find she doesn’t have the authority as president to change the direction America has traveled for these past two centuries.

There’s a distinct possibility the Senate and the House of Representatives may not remain in the hands of the Democrats. Should both houses of congress come back in the Republican fold Senator Clinton would be hard pressed to get any of her progressive legislation through congress? Even if congress remains as is I doubt they would sanction any of Senator Clintons progressive programs given the mood of the country toward recent congressional spending habits.

It’s a long way to November. The road to the Whitehouse has many twists and turns regardless of what the polls predict. The nominees haven’t been chosen yet and already Senator Clinton’s laying out her agenda for the next eight years. Senator Clinton seems to have a convoluted understanding of what America is and what it expects from a president.

Senator Clinton has based her campaign on her belief the country wants change. That change the country seems to be crying for may very well be a change of the Washington bureaucracy. That being the case Senator Clinton may herself be vulnerable to the voter’s wrath.

Back in the day as it were political candidates went out among the voters, rolled up their sleeves and involved themselves in one on one dialog they knew what the voters wanted. Today politicians get their information from polling data and focus groups. Data is feed into computers and what’s spit out seems more likely than not and that’s how they determine their positions on selective issues. This seems to be how Senator Clinton has come to her conclusions, the problem is the data feed into her computers is very often one-sided and slanted to represent the far left. America is still a two party nation, split nearly equal and unless Senator Clinton can convince the voters she’s capable of representing all the people she may not meet the mark required to win the presidential election.

There’s really no need for panic should Senator Clinton become our next president. The founding fathers made sure the government would always be in the hands of the people should they care to exorcize their authority to keep it that way. The way the founders set up the government by virtue of the constitution it’s nearly impossible short of a military take over for a president to exorcize dictatorial powers. Three separate but equal branches of government establishes sufficient checks and balances to maintain a balance protecting the public.

This is our government “Of the people, by the people and for the people.” It’s up to the people to keep it that way with their votes.

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