Man Falsely Accused in Sex Attack Brings Calls to Restrict… the Falsely Accused?

By: Warner Todd Huston

Only the left and their lapdogs in the media can construe a story about a construction worker that was falsely accused of sexually molesting a girl in a school where he was working as a call to further restrict construction workers who are contracted to work in schools. The Baltimore Sun gives us this tale of a world upside down in a society that cannot seem any longer to understand what should be focused upon and what should not.

Apparently, some middle school girl in Perry Hall Middle School in the Baltimore, Maryland suburbs decided it was a neat idea to claim she was sexually attacked in one of the school’s bathrooms by a “construction worker” who was doing his work inside the school. So, the police dutifully detained the construction worker in question and began their investigation. It turned out, however, that surveillance tapes showed that the worker in question could not have done what the girl claimed. On cross-examination, the girl’s story collapsed and she recanted the claims. Lastly, no physical evidence was found to substantiate the attack.

Now, what do you think nearly half the Sun’s story was about? Was it about how this nasty little cuss of a girl caused so much trouble with her lies? Was it that the school apologized to the construction worker for his discomfort? How about the police? Did they apologize to the worker and demand the school address the situation? Parents? Did parents get up in arms about how this worker was so mistreated?

No. None of that.

No, it turns out that nearly half the Sun’s story was centered on the idea that the school should put restrictions on construction workers! (Yes, I did say he was innocent.)

Some said school officials should consider requiring background checks and fingerprinting of contractors and their employees, as they do of teachers and other school workers. They also said construction workers should be further restricted from areas where children might be.

“I’m glad nothing happened and I feel sorry for everybody involved, but I still think maybe it was an eye-opener,” said Crystal Curtis, whose son, James, 11, also is in sixth grade. “Everything happens for a reason. Maybe this is something they want to look into.”

Excuse me? We now need to make rules to stop something that NEVER happened? We need to put restrictions on people who were honestly just doing their job because some little punk girl is a liar?

Talk about an over reaction.

And that wasn’t the only thing said against these innocent construction workers.

“The school system should not allow contract workers or outside sources during school hours,” she said. “Even if a school is a good school, bad things can happen. Instead of waiting for something to really happen, they should make some changes.”

Calder said she did not know whether the system would begin requiring background checks of contract workers.

Children were instructed to travel in pairs, more teachers were in the hallways between classes and more police were stationed at the school.

Travel in pairs? What is this nonsense?

And, here we go with the costs of this girl’s lies.

Also, construction was curtailed the day after the girl’s accusations were made to give the general contractor, James Ancel Inc., time to install a separate entrance to the work zone by replacing a window with a door, Calder said. Any worker who doesn’t use that entrance during school hours will be barred from the project, Principal Allen H. Zink said earlier this week.

So, this twit’s BS story is costing the contractor the money it takes to build a special entrance just for these evil — but completely innocent , mind you — construction workers to enter the school? Who do you think will ultimately pay for this? The school. And who is the school? The tax payers!

What the heck is going on here? Out of an 18-paragraph story about an innocent construction worker, fully 9 of those paragraphs are concerned with how we need to watch out for those nasty — but innocent — construction workers. And out of those same 18 paragraphs, only 3 mention that this student was a liar.

I’ll tell you what I think. I think that this idiot child and her parents should pay for the construction of this special entrance, that’s what!

Naturally, the school has not decided that they should punish this liar. And they probably won’t. If they do, who wouldn’t expect that an uproar would occur? They’ll claim that punishing this liar will somehow prevent other kids who were really sexually molested by nefarious — but oh, so innocent — construction workers afraid to report their attacks, of course.

So a liar will be let off the hook and in the mean time, our taxes will be abused to pay for things that they shouldn’t have to go for and innocent construction workers will be looked at with suspicion just because they are men! Were I that school’s principal, I’d suspend the girl for a year for the mess she made for everyone.

In the end, writer Gina Davis and the Baltimore Sun owes this construction worker an apology. So does the school, the parents and this scum-bag of a girl.

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