Are you feeling stimulated yet?

By: Carolyn Hileman

Enthused, inspired, stirred, moved, encouraged, motivated if you are not feeling any of that yet then I am assuming you have not done your taxes yet. I did mine yesterday and I was stirred, moved and motivated because I figured out that this so-called stimulus package is nothing more than another attempt to pull the wool over the America people’s eyes. A lot of you who have not done your taxes yet have yet to find out that wealthy is now considered about $ 62,000.00 and if you make more than that they AMT patch does not work for you, I am sorry but I am not feeling wealthy yet and I am damn tired of the lies and tricks to try and sidestep their idiocy.

Now we all know why the democrats suddenly decided to be so benevolent and allow some of us taxpayers to have some of our money back, because they knew if the republicans got up to the microphone and told America that even with the so-called AMT patch if you made more than $62,000.00 you would be hit with the tax the Americans would be screaming and that is what I feel like doing right now. Because you see those people who take our money and spend it any way they like are not going to be stimulating those of us they have stolen money from until May.

As Rush said the other day any time there is bipartisanship the American people are getting screwed. The last time they worked together for the good of the country they brought us the amnesty bill and now they are going to stimulate us, My husband works his butt off he leaves sometimes before six and sometimes does not get home until after nine but he does it because he wants to get ahead but you see if you work for a living and if you manage to get a little ahead guess what the government makes damn sure you don’t want to keep doing that, this is the only country I know of that punishes you for working more and then will stand there and tell you, you are to lazy to work so we need to bring in people from other countries to help, dear God we all might as well go on welfare and let those other wonderful workers do the work for us.

Hell yeah, I am feeling stimulated I really am, three thousand dollars worth of stimulated, first they take a huge chunk of my husbands bonus 30% to be exact and then when we are sure we will get that back guess what they keep $ 3000.00 of it. Now keep in mind that there are some people who will quit their jobs when they reach $ 9000.00 dollars so they can get that big check from earned income credit while those of us who work daily will never see a penny of that earned income credit but we will be paying for it. What really gets me is that you and I both know that all the way till May when they ship out our stimulus we are going to be hearing about how this is unfair to he working poor, to the people who will not get anything, just remember they are talking about our money, the money we paid in that they are having to sneak back to us because they don’t want us to know what they did, are you feeling stimulated yet???

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Voice

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