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January 29, 2008

Homeland Security Department Releases Response Framework

On Tuesday, January 22, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released their newly formulated National Response Framework (NRF), the successor to the National Response Plan. The NRF, which focuses on response and short-term recovery, articulates the doctrine, principles …

Bill Gates Issues Call For Kinder Capitalism

Filed under: Economics - 29 Jan 2008

Free enterprise has been good to Bill Gates. But today, the Microsoft Corp. chairman will call for a revision of capitalism. In a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the software tycoon plans to call for …

We Should Not Believe In Them Either

A few nights ago our candidates were asked if the Ronald Reagan era was over a few of them actually said yes. I wonder if the at the democrat debates if the are going to ask them if the …

Obama Gains, But Still Lags In Big States

Filed under: Elections & Voting,The Democrats - 29 Jan 2008

Barack Obama’s overwhelming weekend victory in South Carolina’s Democratic primary gives him new momentum in the run-up to the near-national nominating contest a week from tomorrow, known as Super Tuesday. But Mr. Obama heads into the 22-state showdown as the …

Richard Darman (1943 – 2008)

Filed under: Politics In General - 29 Jan 2008

As budget director in the cabinet of President George H.W. Bush, Richard Darman was the chief architect of the landmark 1990 deficit-reduction plan. Because it included tax increases, that plan earned Mr. Darman the lasting enmity of Republican conservatives, …

On Anniversary of Roe V. Wade, Celebrate “Life Before Birth”!

Filed under: Abortion,Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 29 Jan 2008

Thirty five years ago, on January 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court sanctioned abortion on demand. Unhappy anniversary to all!
In ruling as they did, the justices became party to a human rights violation of monumental proportions.

All Done but the Moulderin’

The question many of us dreaded is upon us. Fred Thompson has shown he cannot capture enough primary victories in his race for the White House. This brings us to a seminal question; what does Fred Thompson’s withdrawing from the …

January 28, 2008

We Never Believed Such A Terrible Thing Could Happen Here

Filed under: Immigration - 28 Jan 2008

You have to wonder if in 1941 if the Jewish people had any indication that their world would literally crash down around them. Surely there were rumors, and surely there were people who warned them. I am sure that when …

Glum Mood Bodes Ill for GOP

Filed under: Elections & Voting,The Republicans - 28 Jan 2008

Just when it seemed Americans couldn’t get any gloomier about the country’s direction, they have. That finding, from the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, could leave Republicans the gloomiest of all, as prospects for their party darken further in …

Hoisted With Their Politically-correct Petards

What goes around certainly does come around. The first black president’s wife isn’t black enough to be immune from charges of bigotry. Isn’t it delicious? I am, of course, speaking of the recent Democrat race war.

Can Bush Transcend His Own Record?

Filed under: History,Politics In General - 28 Jan 2008

President Bush often has told aides that in the short run, history always gets it wrong. Tonight he is to give his final State of the Union speech, hoping to prove himself right — and begin changing the public’s current …

Baby Dolphin Murders Blamed on US Military… Culprit OTHER Dolphins!

So, scientists find the dead bodies of dozens of dolphins and baby porpoises near Miami, Florida and across the pond along Scotland’s East Coast. These aquatic mammals where literally beaten to death with multiple internal injuries, lacerations, contusions and the …

A Primary Caucus Primer

Filed under: Elections & Voting - 28 Jan 2008

While a great number of people do not see the value in the Electoral College (And “W” Takes the Series), it is possible an even greater number of people don’t fully comprehend how each political party selects their candidate for …

Voting the Race Color and Creed Ticket

How many people really vote for the person they think is the best all around and most qualified candidate for President of these United States apart from race, color or creed? It might surprise you to learn how few there …

January 27, 2008

Greater Threat To America: Illegal Aliens or Osama bin Laden?

Filed under: Immigration,War On Terror - 27 Jan 2008

Mexican illegal aliens have been foolishly called “heroes,” first by former Mexican President Vicente Fox and echoed by his replacement Felipe Calderon. However, Mexico’s leaders do not regard all illegal aliens in favorable terms.

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