You Define Stimulus I’ll Define Stupid

By: Ken Hughes

There’s nothing stimulating about the government borrowing money from our grandchildren to give to people who are going to spend it at Wal Mart buying junk made in China. This proposed stimulus package is nothing short of a tax refund for people who don’t pay taxes. It’s actually a way of politicians buying votes. In the end when all the amendments are added and all the do good proposals are calculated the bill will be so over burdened with pork it will never see the light of day or the pen of the president. Or at least let up hope and pray this is what happens.

Congress realizes they’re in serious trouble in the coming 2008 fall elections. The leadership of the 110th congress was awarded to Democratic not because anyone thought they could or would do a better job, rather because Republicans had failed miserably in their leadership. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have scarcely ten months to salvage their reputations and prove congress is a relevant part of the countries elected representation. They have a long road to travel to convince the voters they’re worthy.

The 110th congress failed the American people from day one. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid promised they would eliminate pork projects from budgets. And look what happened the pork grew in insurmountable numbers to the tune of billions. That and other promises made by the new Democratic led congress that never materialized. Now they fear will come back to haunt them in the coming November elections. The house and one third the senate stand for reelection each two years, the reaction by the public for several positions taken by congress have the Washingtonians worried about their futures. They fear this may be the year the public decide they’ve had enough of politics as usual and make some changes.

In November voters have a gold plated opportunity to turn government back to “We the People” where it belongs? That it’s time for the changes Democratic presidential candidates are calling for but not exactly the changes they’re looking for. The changes needed are a congress and presidents more interested in financial responsibility than taxing and spending. One day perhaps the public will wake up and realize they’re being sheered like sheep. That free lunch their getting today is coming out of their grandchildren’s lunch money.

There are no qualifications for congressional service except minimum age limitations. There should be one requiring an understanding of the constitution every elected politician swears to uphold.

We often wonder what posse’s congress to come up with these scams meant to placate a public made nervous by media and political rhetoric. Is the public really as dumb as the politicians seem to believe they are? What ever happened to “All we have to fear is fear it’s self.” If politicians are continually instilling fear in the public than perhaps it the politicians that should be feared.

The stimulus package was hurriedly put together to stem the fears of the public the country is on the verge of a recession which may or may not be true. The meager sums of money being suggested and those they will go to will have zero effect on a recession if one comes along. Buying products made in the Orient and sold at Wal Mart may stimulate the Chinese economy but it will do little for America. The best it can be called is a placebo for an undiagnosed illness of a hypochondriac nation hooked on government subsidies.

There needs to be a 180 degree turn in the understanding of the political structure in this country. Congress needs to realize they are no smarter than the average citizen and the average citizen needs to realize they are as smart or smarter than congress thinks they are. Only then can the system work as originally intended. The founding fathers intended congress to be made up of citizens not professional politicians. That’s why they made those positions available on a term to term base. It was never intended once in never out.

The public is being taken for a ride, the ride will only end when the voters wake up to the high cost of incumbent congressional hangers on. Vote for the new man or woman give the constitution a chance to work.

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