Is that really what you want?

By: Carolyn Hileman

From the people who brought us the amnesty bill and poll after poll telling us we liked it they now bring us our next president; or at least that is what they hope. You see, John McCain won Florida and that my friends is supposed to convince us that this race is all over and John McCain is our nominee. But wait a minute. They forgot to mention a few things. Big surprise right?

Little things like Thousands of Bay area voters have switched their party affiliations since Aug. 25, when the Democratic National Committee voted to strip Florida of its delegates to the nominating convention. Florida’s sin? Holding a presidential preference primary Jan. 29, a week before national party rules allow. For some switchers, the DNC penalty prompted them to move to the Republican Party. The national GOP’s spanking wasn’t quite so heavy-handed. Florida Republicans will lose half of their convention delegates for jumping ahead in the calendar. “Having my vote count for half of something is better than voting for nothing,” said Jerry Johnson, 56, a retired chef who switched his registration Dec. 28 – from Democrat to Republican – at a Seminole Heights public library.

So as usual Florida’s election is about as clear as mud and has really nothing to do with who wins and who loses, but if you listen to the media John McCain is the next coming of Christ. So there you have it primaries were moved up, people voting earlier than normal, in Geneva Illinois, they are saying it is entirely possible that illegal immigrants are registering to vote, “It’s a very difficult thing to handle,” said Kane County Clerk Jack Cunningham, who is in charge of elections and overseeing voter registration. “We never single out any group. There has to be a presumption that they are citizens unless it’s proven otherwise. We, at this level, don’t have much control over the issue.” According to a mail-in form provided on the clerk’s Web site, voter registration applicants must answer “yes” or “no” to the question: “Are you a citizen of the United States?” Applicants also are given the option to submit a driver’s license number or Social Security number, but doing so is not required, according to the form. Either a photo identification or another document — such as a utility bill or paycheck — can be submitted, the form states.

They plan to shove McCain and his open border zealots down our throats just like they did the amnesty bill and they are going to tell us that according to the polls that are supposedly taken only by American CITIZENS he is what we want, this is nothing more than just another shuck and jive by the media and the open borders group, because they know if the manage to get McCain elected amnesty will soon follow and that is where we the American CITIZENS must stop them. I don’t care if you have never voted in your entire life it is time to do it now. A vote for McCain, Obama, or Clinton is a vote for amnesty pure and simple and we have worked to hard to hand it to them now. This is an emergency situation we must get everyone we know registered to vote and we must if we have to drive them to the polls, because I can assure you that they are and none of those candidates are even being shy about what they plan to do anymore. They are standing up there telling them yes we can and we want you to come out of the shadows and the fact that they are not even bothering to hide what they are up to tells me that they know that they can get the Latino votes and that is all they care about.

It is time we taught them a lesson, when millions of American people go to the polls and vote for someone else I don’t think they are going to be strutting around so much do you. If you do not vote you are saying you want amnesty, is that really what you want?

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Voice

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